Q1 2014 Issue

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Industrial Networking magazine is all about the design and implementation of networked systems in industrial environments. From wireless Ethernet to process buses to device networks, Industrial Networking examines how OEMs, discrete manufacturers, and process plants can begin to take full advantage of networked system architectures in their manufacturing environments.

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Self-Help for Cable Procurement

Engineers, Designers are Responsibly for Ensuring They Have Correct Material Specified to Function for the Life of the Asset

Vital Signs of a Healthy Network

Network Wellness Depends on How You Respond to Many Issues. Luckily, the Tools and Methods to Deal With Them Are Diverse and Growing in Number

Little Black Network Health Doctor Bag

The Most Useful Cures From A to Z for Network Wellness

A Less Clunky Network Infrastructure

Industrial Networking Tools Are Continually Being Straightened, Graded and Smoothed to Reduce Network Hiccups

Wireless Topology: You've Got Choices

It's Not Complicated, but Make Your Choices Carefully to Get the Network Best-Suited to Your Needs

Lots of Network Choices. Choose Your Design Wisely

Make Informed Decisions About the Data Link and Physical Layers. Here's a List of Other Decisions to Be Made

Going Mobile? Things You Should Know

When Putting a Mobile Device on an Industrial Network, Focus on Security, and Have a Rugged, Reliable and Capable Network

The Beauty of Single-Point Control Systems

CMD Adopts Many Control System Technology Improvements, but None Have Been as Beneficial as Industrial Ethernet Networking

Network Management: It's a Must

As Industrial Networks Grow and Do More, the Need for Uncomplicated Network Management Software Is Essential

Infographic: What Benefits of Industrial Ethernet Interest You the Most?

Majority of Survey Respondents Indicate Open Standards as the Most Important Benefit


Spec for ISA100.11a Device Integration Released

Fieldbus Foundation Development Allows End Users to Employ Multiple Wired, Wireless Protocols for Greater Flexibility and Expandability

CIP Safety Expanded to Include Safe Motion

ODVA Reports New Edition Allows Users to Deploy Networked Motion Control Systems Using EtherNet/IP and Sercos III

MTConnect/OPC UA Spec Candidate Available

Companion Standard Allows Existing Information Model Provided by MTConnect to Be Leveraged by Existing OPC UA Systems