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May 2019

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All the richest, juiciest, most actionable data isn't worth spit if it can't be accessed. And all the most sophisticated analytical software, algorithms and techniques are just as worthless if they can't crunch that data to enable better decisions and optimize operations, production and profit. There's no point to either if they can't work together.

Many of today's data analytics tools and software are simpler and easier to use, and generate more useful information and decisions. Curiously, the main hurdle seems to be convincing potential users that analytics isn't as difficult as it used to be.

Also in this issue are feature articles about I/O systems and safety instrumented systems, as well as the latest level measurement products.

Find all this and more in the May 2019 issue of Control.

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  • E-Technologies buys Superior Controls

    Superior co-founder and president Rick Pierro will continue as president of Superior Controls’ life sciences solutions vertical, report to E-Tech CEO Ralph Carter

  • Emerson, CSU collaborate on brewing

    Collaboration will build the Emerson Brewing Innovation Center, where students will get hands-on experience using the latest automation technologies