The Power of Integration in the Digital Era


Experience the Power of Integration enhanced by Digital!

From device to edge to cloud, the key to harnessing the power of integration is making sense of vast amounts of data. This Knowledge Center will provide information on integration and how the new digital technologies are enabling new levels of efficiency and profitability.


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Digital Transformation 150Guide:  Getting started with industrial digital transformation

This paper provides decision makers with insights into starting digital transformation as well as best practices for real-world industrial implementations. You will also learn how ABB and Microsoft have transformed our own businesses and can apply our collective knowledge to help your enterprise transform.
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Innovation to Transform the Energy Future

Guide to understanding how digitalization enables oil and gas operators to transition to a new energy ecosystem. Includes discussion of key considerations that will help avoid investing scarce resources without realizing the benefits.
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Guide for Designing, Building and Operating a Digital Facility

This guide is aimed at decision-makers involved with the planning, designing, building and operating of a digital oil, gas & chemicals facility. It focuses on the most significant considerations offered by digitalization which might be overlooked with traditional methods of designing and building a new facility.
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Harnessing the Power of Digitalization

Oil & Gas leaders need to make the right investments in technology in order to thrive in the “new normal” of low oil prices.
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Digital collaboration in the Pharmaceutical and biotech industries

For a pharmaceutical plant to operate in the digital world, integration of the distributed control system (DCS) and the manufacturing execution system (MES) is essential.
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The Future of Project Execution in Automation

Automation projects have employed controller-centric distributed control system (DCS) architectures for decades. This approach creates dependencies between project tasks that complicate late changes.
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Understanding Modular Automation

Large-scale automation systems have been at the heart of production line control for decades. Now, driven by changes in consumer demands, an alternative plug and produce modular automation approach is emerging.
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The Power of Integration

The power of integration lies in what can be achieved when information is made available, in context, to all of the systems and individuals responsible for managing production.
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Video Learning

Get some pointers on how to choose a control strategy for your next project.

Learn how to increase operator effectiveness by integrating video, CCTV, phone and alarms.

How to monitor and control electrical power with process control system technology.


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ABB Ability™ System 800xA

System 800xA is a distributed control system (DCS) with an integration platform at its core.
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Select I/O & xStream Engineering

ABB’s new ethernet based single channel I/O with innovative engineering tools for optimized project execution.
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Digital Expertise ensures Success!

The key to success when implementing IIoT solutions is expertise. Deep industry knowledge, integration capabilities PLUS the enabling technologies is what makes a great partner is solving production, operations and maintenance problems.

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Preventive Maintenance for Automation

As automation improves and industrial plants become more information intensive, there is a need to update how automation systems and process applications are maintained. Previously, maintenance could only happen when a service person was physically present.
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Getting the Right Parts at the Right Time

The establishment of a sound MRO storeroom operation is one of the key requirements of an effective equipment reliability program.
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Predictive notification improves production and performance

ABB’s technology-enabled services use predictive notification in a value-based service strategy for industrial producers. Predictive notification with the right people in the right place protects and enhances production, equipment availability, process performance and product quality.
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Leveraging APC and Analytics

ABB’s Advanced Process Control and Analytics Suite gives process and power industries monitoring, predictive analytics and closed-loop control abilities at the device, edge and cloud and ensures real-time operation efficiency gains.
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Leading the way to wireless automation

Can wireless standards meet the performance requirements of fieldbuses, and thereby deliver the wireless automation future? An ABB research team set out to find the answer.
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7 Myths of WirelessHART Networks

Misinformation about WirelessHART networks prevails among many instrument engineers in the process industries. This article attempts to set the record straight by debunking 7 myths about these networks.
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Integration Drives Value in Oil, Gas and Chemical Projects

In a market with depressed prices and a high level of uncertainty going forward, it is more important than ever that major capital projects come in on time and on budget.
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Expert Resources

Oil & Gas Handbook

An introduction to oil and gas production, transport, refining and petrochemical industry. Download now.


System 800xA Hardware Selector

Interactive website that helps users identify exact hardware part numbers by specification. Download now.


System 800xA Solutions Handbook

Informational hardbook covering general topics of interest to anyone who works in process control. Download now.


Aspect Object Technology for Industry 4.0

White paper describing the basics of aspect object technology and how ABB has applied it to distributed control. Download now.


CPAS Book by Martin Hollender (ISA)

Text book on Collaborative Process Automation Systems (CPAS) authored by Dr. Martin Hollender of ABB. Download now.


ABB Service YouTube Channel

Collection of training videos on DCS optimization and service topics by ABB experts. Watch now.


ABB Control Systems YouTube Channel

Playlist of informational videos on System 800xA and it's extended automation functionality. Watch now.


Anatomy of an Incident

Visit the Anatomy of an Incident website to learn from real-life incidents with the goal of achieving safer and more reliable operations. Offer comments, ask questions and engage in conversation!

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Legacy SIS - When to Maintain or Evolve?

Discussion of establishing a strategy towards evolution of the safety controller, operating at the heart of the SIS, in order to maintain functional safety performance associated with the continued life of the asset it is protecting.
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Safety and Human Factors

Operators in modern plants are tasked with numerous activities, making it difficult for them to handle abnormal process conditions. Research has demonstrated how an intelligent and ergonomic workspace can both mitigate risk and increase productivity.
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Integrated Safety — How a simpler system can increase effectiveness

Managing changes, maintenance and security of a safety system can be well serviced by implementing and integrated control and safety system.
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Best Practices in Industrial Information System Security

This paper explains security objectives, attack types and counter measures; best practices in protecting against certain types of attacks, and emerging standards for automation system security.
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Independent Layers of Protection with Integrated SIS

Review of industry requirements throughout the safety lifecycle, and the design requirements on the safety system to provide the most comprehensive platform for process safety management.
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Featured White Papers

Securing Industrial Systems in a Digital WorldSecuring Industrial Systems in a Digital World

ICS systems were not designed with cyber security as a first priority. While organizations may have more opportunity to implement cyber security standards in new products and systems, for older ICS it can be more difficult.
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Expected and Unintended Effects of Instrumented Safety ProtectionsExpected and Unintended Effects of Instrumented Safety Protections

Programmable safety related systems have been standard elements of process industries automation for decades to achieve risk reduction when implemented ESD, BMS etc.
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Human Factors and the Impact on Plant SafetyHuman Factors and the Impact on Plant Safety

Industry relies on human ability to respond to the unexpected, to handle the odd conditions and ask the right questions to fix the problems at hand while still remaining safe.
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Rocky relationship between Safety and SecurityRocky relationship between Safety and Security

This paper will discuss the methods used to ensure that the integration between the safety system and the BPCS DO NOT compromise Functional Independence.
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Is Your Current Safety System Compliant to Today's Safety Standard? Is Your Current Safety System Compliant to Today’s Safety Standard?

This paper covers changes brought about by adoption of today’s safety standards (IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 / ISA 84) and what it means to the installed base.
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How to Secure Your Control SystemHow to Secure Your Control System

Today, control systems are being connected to enterprise networks to allow business users access to real-time plant data. This integration, however, is not without its risks.
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Digital Collaboration

Integration of systems and data, when done right, can help operations collaborate better and become more efficient. The articles and white papers in this Knowledge Center help make sense of the data and how it can be used for the greater good of Operations.

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Transforming Chemical Operations Through Technology - Part 1

Advances in digitalization are now enabling Chemical companies to bring together the data they already have hidden in disparate systems to deliver greater value to their businesses than possible before, in a more agile and real-time manner.
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Transforming Chemical Operations Through Technology - Part 2

Here, we delve deeper into what digital solutions can deliver to businesses, how technologies are being deployed today and the ways in which digitalization is likely to add value in the coming years.
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Attracting Generation G to 24/7 Control Rooms

A well-known issue faced by industries around the world is the impending retirement of some of their most competent Control Room Operators .It is also harder and harder to attract those with the relevant skills to take on the future generation of challenges that various complex control processes present.
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A simple way to know

Alarm rationalization of your digital automation control system not only brings significant improvements in plant safety; it can make a big impact to the bottom line by reducing unnecessary plant trips
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Operator mobility

Operators occasionally have to leave their workplace temporarily. ABB has created a prototype workspace that aims to improve operator mobility by removing the necessity for them to be near their workstation while still enabling them to perform their work effectively.
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3-D Visualization Enhances Production Operations

3-D visualization can help production teams overcome communication challenges and improve efficiency by mitigating the limits of paper-based operations and providing a digital means of accessing and interpreting vital information.
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Improving operations and maintenance with Remote Optimization

Effective maintenance programs and finely tuned operations are two elements that are critical in keeping plants running and running efficiently. Remote services play a large role in this.
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Featured White Papers

The Power of Integration

System 800xA Extended Automation is an integration platform with unparalleled connectivity to enterprise and plant systems, applications, and devices that provides a collaborative environment where real-time decision making is a reality.
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Operator Effectiveness: The next frantier of process automation

The same scenario plays out every day in control rooms around the world. From the start, little thought has been given to human factors in the control room layout, the operator stations and even less to the user interface design.
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Assess Complex Process Situations in the Blink of an Eye

The concept of Mass Data Displays has been around for quite some time, however usage in the process industries has been limited due to the effort of configuration and calibration.
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Maximize process automation lifecycle

Process automation is essential to operating any complex production process. The sophistication and power of process automation enables vastly improved productivity, quality and cost control.
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Benefits of State Based Control

State Based Control is a plant automation control design based on the principle that all process facilities operate in recognized, definable Process States that represent a variety of normal and abnormal conditions of the process.
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The Power of Integration Lives On!

Many great articles and white papers have been published as part of this Knowledge Center over the years. We have collected the best of them here in the Power of Integration Archives.

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