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Turn industrial automation into a profit engine

Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation across all industrial automation markets with EcoStruxure™ Plant. Our technology and real-world IIoT expertise can help you shift from managing your business, to controlling it. With an empowered workforce and optimized industrial assets, you can maximize not only process efficiency, but also safety, reliability and even profitability of your operations, in real time.

The content in this knowledge center will help you learn how to start converting your connected products and existing automation and control systems into the Profit Engine of your business, through profitable reliability, efficiency, safety and operational profitability.

White Paper Resource Center

Profitable Safety: Why You Should Invest in Safety in Slow Times

Balancing the increased pressure to improve productivity and quality, while reducing cost against mandated safety regulations is one of the most complex challenges in industry today. Explore challenges and solutions. Download the white paper.

Profitable Reliability — The Next Evolution of Maintenance Technology

Advancements in technologies are making the direct real-time measurement of asset reliability feasible. Learn how to make ‘profitable reliability’ possible in your operations, while taking other variables such as safety risks, efficiency risks, and profitability into account. Download the white paper.

Profitable Efficiency — The New DNA of Process Control

New technology has greatly influenced factories and plants, resulting in new operational approaches to maximize benefits and achieve 100% ROI in a very short time. Profitable Efficiency – profitability control cascaded to process control – can maximize operational profitability in real time. While this is a new execution method, the concept is deep within the DNA of process control. Download the white paper.

Operational Profitability: The Unexpected Impact of IIoT-driven Plant Modernization

Today’s plants are faced with managing two major challenges: the increasing speed of business and integrating emerging technologies. Leveraging IIoT as a basis for plant modernization could result in big payoffs. Download the white paper.

Protect Your Operations: 12 Recommendations for Industrial Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity threats are an unfortunate reality for industry everywhere. How do you protect your business while still embracing new technologies that enable you to grow and deliver the best possible results? Robust cybersecurity protection is a must, as well as rigorous mindset, policies, and methodologies. Download the white paper.

Case Study Resource Center

Case Study: Driving Profitable Safety — Validating Safety Logic the Smart

Learn how a US major refinery added revenue from 1.2 million more barrels of oil through investing in safety. Download the case study.

Case Study: Faster Time to Profit — Dow Corning

Bringing innovation to the world’s largest silicone material production facility is a bold idea. Dow Corning improves control, operational safety and reliability at their petrochemical plant using EcoStruxure™ Plant. Learn more in this case study.

Business Case: Automation Can Help Cement Plants Save $4+ Million per Year

When effectively applied in a cement plant, automation and control technologies can significantly reduce energy expenses, while helping to increase production and reduce waste. Download the business case.

Business Case: Operational Profitability Can Save Gas Plants up to $3M per Year, per Gas Plant.

Measure, empower and improve your continuous improvement process in your gas plant and maximize operational profitability. Download the business case.

Video Resource Center

EcoStruxure™ Plant, IIoT-Enabled Architecture and Platform

Turn Industrial Automation into the profit engine of your business. EcoStruxure™ Plant makes your job easier while driving measurable operational profitability improvements, safely.

EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS

Learn how EcoStruxure™ Foxboro DCS help process plants consistently deliver measurable operation profitability improvement safely, enabling 100% ROI in less than a year.

Drive Profitable Reliability Through the IIoT

Combine profitable efficiency with real-time reliability control to optimize your operational profitability.

EcoStruxure™ Helps Achieve Profitable Reliability and Steel Quality & ArcelorMittal

EcoStruxure Plant is the overarching architecture that allows ArcelorMittal to interconnect all of their systems from the foundry to the management offices to achieve profitable reliability.

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