Invensys Intelligent Marshalling

By Invensys

Invensys' Intelligent Marshalling Solution Has One Module That Provides for Analog, Digital, and HART Points. Learn More


At the heart of the Invensys Intelligent Marshalling solution is the new Universal Fieldbus Module for the Foxboro I/A Series DCS

The module contains eight individual channels, each channel providing a wide range of analog, digital, HART or pulsed I/O capabilities to connect to a variety of field devices

Intelligent Marshalling reduces the time and cost spent on equipment and engineering, by requiring fewer cabinets, racks and remote instrument enclosures -- reducing total cost of ownership by as much as 35%.

Unlike any other offering, Invensys' Intelligent Marshalling solution has one module that provides for analog, digital, and HART points.

The Intelligent Marshalling module increases the density of control cabinets by 100%...

It lowers the cost spent on spares by as much as 8 times and can reduce on-site I/O spare part inventories by 50%.

This drives down project cost by as much as $1000 per I/O point.