on 'Pressure'

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  • Differential Pressure Level Measurement

    Hydrostatic level measurement via differential pressure is an option for direct mounting or mounting with remote seals on tanks and vessels. These instruments can handle extreme chemical and mechanical loads as well as electromagnetic interference. They are widely applied in chemical and petrochemical industries.

  • Market Intelligence Report: Recorders and Data Acquisition

    Executive editor Jim Montague analyzes the results of Control's survey on recorders and data acquisition devices. Automation professional need to know different data values across the plant floor such as temperature, level, flow and pressure, when monitoring and controlling plant processes. However, the way that the data gets collected, analyzed, archived and reported has changed over the years. It continues to evolve and expand fast.
    Watch this video report to learn how recorders and data acquisition devices have changed, and how these are being used on the plant floor today.

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