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  • Homeland Energy Plant-Wide Optimization Case Study

    Watch this case study to learn how a plant-wide optimization solution from Rockwell Automation helps Homeland Energy Solutions stabilize its processes and increase its operating margins. Kevin Howes, plant manager, Homeland Energy Solutions, discusses the success of implementing a Rockwell Automation Ethanol solution to maximize profit in a challenging market.

    Rockwell Automation
  • How to Migrate Automation Control Systems with No Plant Downtime?

    Hunter Water needed to improve the efficiency of its Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) due to aging water infrastructure and tougher environmental legislation. The enhancements included migrating the automation control system over a tight eight-week time period, allowing no room for error or plant downtime.

    Schneider Electric
  • National Manufacturing Day 2013: From Intern to Engineer

    In this video, Beth Goodbaum, lead reporter of IMT Career Journal, speaks with Matt Quigley at Festo U.S. headquarters in Hauppauge, Long Island, N.Y. Quigley speaks about his success story, from intern to engineer, and demonstrates his long-term project, which he anticipates will be used in medical laboratories.

  • Updating and Migrating Legacy Systems

    Systems upgrades can be painful and costly. Invensys knows this, so it has smart guys like Graham Bennett, senior principal migration consultant, whose job is to help users of competitive systems to migrate to Invensys as painlessly as possible. Similarly, he helps existing Invensys customers move forward while keeping as much of their asset investments as possible. Filmed at the 2013 Foxboro & Triconex Global Client Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Bennett demonstrates different ways he handles migration with old or competitive equipment where there's no reengineering or intellectual property changes required.

  • Using FPGAs to Accelerate Vision Applications

    Embedded vision is everywhere around us. It's in our phones, cars, medical devices, grocery stores, gaming systems, factories and more. At the rate vision is being added to embedded systems, chances are you will need to have some knowledge of vision within the next few years. There are an enormous amount of applications that can benefit from adding vision because it enables machines or products to know more about their physical surroundings and how to interact with them. Embedded vision can also enhance safety by detecting danger and preventing accidents, boosting efficiency by improving the throughput and quality of manufacturing, simplifying usability, and fueling innovation by enabling designers to do things previously thought impossible. This video will explain how FPGAs can be used to accelerate the incorporation and use of embedded vision applications in your machines.

    National Instruments
  • Process Optimization for Energy and Sustainability

    This session will provide cases of how analytics for control performance improvement and advanced process control are used for optimizing the use of energy in a process plant. Often the effective use of APC and other advanced optimization tools can make the difference between a plant staying open or closing due to excessive energy costs.

    Peter Reynolds, ARC Advisory Group
  • Solving Heavy Oil Processing Issues with New Modeling Technology

    Refinery Optimization Webinar. Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Heavy feedstocks often present difficult operational challenges for refiners. To process heavy crudes safely and profitably, can require development of new equipment or major changes in operating conditions. However, innovative new methods that improve the accuracy of feedstock process models, enable refiners to adapt their process more easily and with reduced costs. Learn more about this innovative new technology.

  • Lipták Talks About Latest Developments in Optimization and Safety

    In his keynote speech, Lipták talks about the latest developments in optimization and safety, referencing nuclear accidents around the world and gives examples of optimization results in terms of production rate, safety, and efficiency improvements, showing that just process control alone can in some cases reduce energy costs.

  • Lifecycle Costs Podcast

    Process control and automation can control process plants and cut lifecycle costs. In this podcast, Paula Hollywood, senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about how end users and systems integrators are becoming more aware of how automation can help reduce expenses over the lifetime of their application and equipment. Find out how others can do it too.

  • Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) Standardizes All Plant Operations on Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture

    Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) provides water, wastewater, gas, and electric services to customers in the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado. CSU was experiencing failures with a distributed control system and needed a new solution that would provide enhanced reliability, efficiency and sustainability. Unexpected plant outages were becoming a costly problem. The CSU water department had already migrated its legacy DCS system to a Rockwell Automation control system, so the utility decided to standardize all plant operations on Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture because they needed a single vendor capable of providing integrated hardware, software, and networking.

    The new solution allowed CSU to remotely operate multiple gas, hydroelectric and power plants from a single central location. Operators can now perform maintenance and troubleshooting tasks at a plant onsite or online from a central facility to better meet customer demands, save time and reduce labor costs.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Process Sustainability 2011 Podcast

    There's a lot more to truly going green than efficiency, which is why experienced end users are scrambling to master process sustainability. In this podcast, Wil Chin of ARC Advisory Group and Control's executive editor, Jim Montague, discuss how process sustainability is evolving, types of applications where it's emerging, and where its going in the future.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Utilities Kingston Implements Plant-Wide Control System to Streamline Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Utilities Kingston, owned by the City of Kingston, Ontario, is an international leader in the wastewater treatment field. The $103 million CDN expansion of the Ravensview Wastewater Treatment Plant, located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, uses state-of-the-art equipment and best practices that serve as a model to municipalities world-wide. By making the plant as efficient as possible, Utilities Kingston (UK) and the City of Kingston help protect the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Basin and communities downstream. The goals for the Ravensview plant were to increase effluent capacity, improve effluent, air and water quality, reduce noise and provide superior bio-solids handling, energy savings and efficiency. Utilities Kingston partnered with J.L. Richards (JLR), an engineering architect and planning company, to design the control system. They chose Rockwell Automation PlantPAx Process Automation System solution which included programmable automation controllers (PACs), intelligent motor control centers (MCCs) and variable frequency drives, as well as field services including Protection Plus Startup Services, Factory Acceptance Testing and TechConnectSM phone and online support, meeting the specified criteria needed for this project and delivering the best long-term value.

    Rockwell Automation
  • Process Simulation - Overview and Honeywell's UniSim Design Suite

    In this Webinar, Peter de Jonge, Honeywell Process Solutions consultant and industry expert, provides and overview of process simulation and its use in process design, optimization, equipment evaluation, operations training and more. Also learn about Honeywell's Unisim Design Suite and Academic Program.

  • Modernizing Aging Process Automation Systems- Options and Best Practices

    Is it time to update your legacy control system? Rest assured, modernizing your plant doesn't have to be a high-cost or high-risk operation. Knowing your options, choosing the right partner and platform for your business, and careful planning and execution can help you avoid these penalties. Control's editor in chief Walt Boyes moderates this on-line session with ARC Advisory Group's Research Director Larry O'Brien. Joining them will be Invensys' Graham Bennett, senior DCS migration consultant, and Amanda Smith, legacy system migration program manager. This team of industry experts will share best practices and lessons learned that have helped over 500 plants modernize to safe, reliable and improved operations.

  • Simulation Podcast

    Is simulation moving beyond design and training and into optimization and even operations? ARC senior analyst Tom Fiske talks with Control's Chief Editor Walt Boyes about simulation's new roles.

  • Sustainability in the Process Industries

    Control's digital managing Web Editor Katherine Bonfante, talks to ARC's Vice President Greg Gorbach on sustainability. What is sustainability? What factors influence sustainability efforts in the process industries?

  • Focus On: Wireless Mobility

    Executive editor Jim Montague talks on automation wireless mobility professionals and devices. Montague discusses the case studies mentioned in the April cover story Workers Unchained. Watch this video and learn more about wireless mobility.

  • OPC Unified Architecture

    Watch this video by the OPC Foundation and learn about the history of OPC technology, the next generation of OPC technology, what OPC-UA is and what it can do for you.

    OPC Foundation
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