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  • Updating and Migrating Legacy Systems

    Systems upgrades can be painful and costly. Invensys knows this, so it has smart guys like Graham Bennett, senior principal migration consultant, whose job is to help users of competitive systems to migrate to Invensys as painlessly as possible. Similarly, he helps existing Invensys customers move forward while keeping as much of their asset investments as possible. Filmed at the 2013 Foxboro & Triconex Global Client Conference in San Antonio, Texas, Bennett demonstrates different ways he handles migration with old or competitive equipment where there's no reengineering or intellectual property changes required.

  • The Foxboro Evo Maintenance Response Center

    Instruments -- as well as the technicians who work with them -- are foundational to the Invensys "enlightened plant" vision. In this video booth tour from the 2013 Invensys Foxboro & Triconex Client Conference, Scott Hill and Rogier van Dijk demonstrate the capabilities of the company's Foxboro Evo Maintenance Response Center, including "plain text" device error messages designed to make technicians far more productive in their routine troubleshooting tasks. Watch the video.

  • Triconex Integrated Control & Safety

    Safety is your number one priority. Unexpected risk to your operation is always just around the corner -- whether it be cyber security breaches, natural disasters, or disruptions to safe and smooth production. You need a tried and true platform you can trust to keep your plant running and intelligent tools to help you quickly remedy any situation, or better yet, help you prevent an incident before it even happens.In this video, Steve Elliott, director of product management for the Triconex brand discusses the benefits of having an integrated control and safety system. This video was filmed at the 2013 Foxboro and Triconex Global Client Conference in San Antonio, TX.

  • Learn How To Calibrate an AC-operated LVDT Linear Position Sensor Step-By-Step

    This video shows the calibration of a LVDT linear position sensor using the EAZY CAL Signal Conditioner. It also explains suggested calibration equipment, mechanical mounting of the signal conditioner, input and output connections, LVDT wiring, core position and the calibration routine.

    AST Macro Sensors
  • Podcast: Collaboration Tools and Platforms

    In this podcast, Ralph Rio at ARC Advisory Group talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about some of the latest innovations and best practices in collaboration tools and platforms used by process control engineers and their colleagues.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Using FPGAs to Accelerate Vision Applications

    Embedded vision is everywhere around us. It's in our phones, cars, medical devices, grocery stores, gaming systems, factories and more. At the rate vision is being added to embedded systems, chances are you will need to have some knowledge of vision within the next few years. There are an enormous amount of applications that can benefit from adding vision because it enables machines or products to know more about their physical surroundings and how to interact with them. Embedded vision can also enhance safety by detecting danger and preventing accidents, boosting efficiency by improving the throughput and quality of manufacturing, simplifying usability, and fueling innovation by enabling designers to do things previously thought impossible. This video will explain how FPGAs can be used to accelerate the incorporation and use of embedded vision applications in your machines.

    National Instruments
  • Podcast: Legacy DCS Renovations Possible

    In this podcast, Harry Forbes at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about supporting legacy distributed control systems (DCSs) and related equipment, and how many new and easier-to-use tools are helping these renovation and upgrade projects to multiply. Listen to this podcast.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Podcast: Process Safety Puzzle

    In this podcast, Barry Young of ARC Advisory Group, talks with Nancy Bartels, Control's managing editor, about the piecing together the necessary components for process safety.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Process Optimization for Energy and Sustainability

    This session will provide cases of how analytics for control performance improvement and advanced process control are used for optimizing the use of energy in a process plant. Often the effective use of APC and other advanced optimization tools can make the difference between a plant staying open or closing due to excessive energy costs.

    Peter Reynolds, ARC Advisory Group
  • The Engineering Screw Chart

    Engineers, Designers, Drafters and Machinists should all have access to the Engineering Screw Chart. It includes technical information from many of the quick references that are commonly found in the work areas of industry professionals. All of this information is compiled for both Imperial (English) and Metric systems in a single screw cart. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Podcast: IT Improves Process Automation

    In this podcast, Peter Reynolds at ARC Advisory Group talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about how IT and data center technologies have been moving into process control and automation.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Benefits of Having Control in the Field

    In this video, Chuck Carter with Lee College shows off the benefits of having Control in the Field. He demonstrates how control is maintained in the system despite a complete loss of the host system. Adjustments are made to demonstrate control is still being maintained in the system. He also talks about how control within a device itself has been shown to improve set point response for tighter control. Tighter control means higher quality product and ultimately dollars to an end user.

    Fieldbus Foundation
  • How Control in the Field (CIF) Works

    In this video, Chuck Carter with Lee College introduces how Control in the Field (CIF) works, some basic setup concepts, making changes in the host system and parameters, and how a control engineer puts all of those into action to use CIF. CIF has proven to be a major advantage of FOUNDATION fieldbus over other fieldbuses.

    Fieldbus Foundation
  • Learn How a Heat Pump Works

    Chaffee Climate Control's Heat Pump Expert, Rexpert explains the basic operation of a split system air-source heat pump. Watch it now.

    Chaffee Climate Control
  • What Can WirelessHart Do for You?

    Watch this video and learn what WirelessHART is and what you can do with it. WirelessHart is a self configuring and self healing network that can help you reduce costs and reduce downtime by preventative maintenance. Users can fit all types of transmitters into it and gain access to all data, like process values, alarms and diagnostic information.

  • Podcast: Enhancing Operator Performance

    In this podcast, Dave Woll at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about enhancing operator performance, and how prioritized data, simpler displays, human-factors-designed equipment, fatigue-reduction efforts, alarm planning and other tools can all improve situational awareness and performance.

    Control/ARC Advisory Group
  • Is Your Multimeter Not Meter Enough?

    Your multimeter or ordinary scope might not be enough in harsh environments. Watch this 5-minute video and learn why it's important to use the proper scope in these types of environments. Take the ScopeMeter Oscilloscope video tour. Built to solve tough problems in harsh industrial environments, the ScopeMeter Oscilloscope even has a multimeter built in.

  • Podcast: 2013 Process Automation Hall of Fame

    In this podcast, Dick Hill at ARC Advisory Group talks with Jim Montague, Control's executive editor, about the four new inductees in Control's Process Automation Hall of Fame for 2013, and some of the issues raised by their experiences and the challenges they see the process control field facing in the future. The four new hall-of-famers are: Peter Martin of Invensys Operations Management, Dennis Brandl of BRandL Consulting, Ian Verhappen of Industrial Automation Networks, and John MacGregor of ProSensus.

  • How Do Coriolis Flowmeters Work?

    This video explains how Coriolis flowmeters work. The Coriolis principle enables the measurement of multiple process variables such as mass flow, volume flow, density, temperature and viscosity via a single flow measurement device.

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