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White Papers houses a large directory of free technical content. You will find hundreds of white papers on topics such as instrument calibration, safety lifecycle management, monitoring and controlling assets, improving HMI performance and managing cybersecurity threats. Browse the white paper library.

Process Automation Essentials White Paper Series

ResizedImage174141 CG 1406 BigDataDistributedWritten by the editors of Control, our Process Automation Essentials series provides process industry professionals with an up-to-date, top-level understanding of a range of key process automation topics. Browse the Process Automation Essentials series library.

State of Technology Reports

sot march 2016 thumbOur State of Technology Report series brings together all of the latest and best Control articles on a particular process automation topic in a unique, downloadable report. Each report covers the latest trends, articles, back to basics tutorials, application stories and product solutions. Browse the State of Technology Report library.

Fundamental Series of On-Demand Webcasts

CG1511 Fundamentals ThumbThe Fundamentals Lecture Series is a library on-demand presentations on a broad range of topics related to process instrumentation and control. Slides plus audio voice-over, along with downloadable support documents, provide an engaging platform for knowledge acquisition. Browse the library and view the programs that are of interest to you.


Special Reports

 BestofBela CSNP R

Béla Lipták on safety: Cyber security and nuclear power

In this report, process control expert Béla Lipták provides a deep understanding of the causes of the nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, along with the reactor facility design, control and interlock configurations related to each one. → Get the report.

 cg fluke


Special Report: Testing analog and digital I/O

This new ebook covers testing analog and digital I/O in great detail. Topics covered include troubleshooting programmable automation controller I/O at the physical level; how wireless I/O still fails to communicate; and how programmable I/O can be a multitasking master. → Get the report.


bela liptak on safety1


Special Report: Béla Lipták on safety: Oil and Gas

Process control guru Béla Lipták discusses emerging industries aimed at exploiting unconventional fossil fuel deposits. Take advantage of Lipták’s critical view of the oil & gas industry to gain a deep understanding of the dangers inherent in its processes. → Get the report.

CT1604 OT Cybersec SR v4 1 edited 1 2 

Special Report: Cybersecurity in Operational Technology

In this special report, the editors of Control and Control Design present a collection of articles on OT cybersecurity to help you get up to speed on this challenging and important subject. → Get the report. 

beamex calibration update

Special Report: The latest in calibration technologies, methods and management

Compiled by the editors of Control magazine, this ebook contains the latest and most informative articles on calibration technologies, methods and management. → Get the report. 


 IndustrialComputers Guide

Special Report: Industrial computers field guide and resources

Industrial computers, PCs and many of their counterpart devices can take almost any form these days, and serve in almost any setting thanks to miniaturization, disk-less and fan-less technologies, more capable software and other advances. Here's what you need to know. → Get the report.

 PowerSupplies Guide

Special Report: Field guide to power supply resources

These three features from Control contain tutorials, white papers, videos and other instructional materials for learning about and applying power supplies. → Get the report.

 IndustrialComputers BestCases

Special Report: Best cases guide to industrial computers

How innovative users are applying industrial computers, and how you can benefit from their experiences to achieve similar gains. → Get the report.

 160300 DCS Ebook BestCases

Special Report: Turbocharged DCSs drive users to new production heights

Here are five of the best, recent examples of the modern DCS in action, which show how other users can gain the same advantages. → Get the report.


HMI Guide

Special Report: HMI field guide to best interface resources

There's a lot of information out there about how terrific many human-machine interfaces are, but precious little wisdom about how to select and implement the best HMI for your application. Here's help. → Get the report. 


badger meter

Special Report: Selection information for flow measurement

Better measurement can only be achieved by selecting the best/most suitable flow technology for each flow application. This report provides detailed selection information for each application. → Get the report. 


160300 HMI Ebook BestCases

Special Report: HMI guides users with expanded insight into processes

In these solution stories, the editors of Control explore how five of the most innovative HMI users and developers are applying new technologies to maximize safety and efficiency. → Get the report.


PowerSupplies BestCases 

Special Report: Power supplies and users get smart

These recent feature articles in Control by Executive Editor Jim Montague show how power supplies are evolving to gain intelligence and perform more complex tasks—and how users can employ them to improve operating reliability. → Get the report.

GE HMI cover thumb SR

Special Report: Decision support with HMI/SCADA

This free, downloadable report curated by the editors of Control, provides a concise single-volume overview of the trends and technology that are enabling decision support with HMI/SCADA. → Get the report.

Wago ebook 170619

Special Report: Latest trends in I/O systems

The editors of Control and have compiled this anthology of articles covering the latest trends and technologies in I/O systems. → Get the report.