Motor Monitoring Relays

AutomationDirect has extended the proSense line to include phase monitoring, alternating and pump seal failure relays. The PMRU phase monitoring relays use microprocessor-based design to protect against phase loss, reversal, unbalance, undervoltage and overvoltage conditions. With a variety of user-adjustable settings, PMRU relays also feature a multi-color LED to indicate normal and fault conditions.

The PMRR series provides protection against phase reversal, while the PMRRL series, with an adjustable undervoltage setting knob, protects against phase loss, reversal and undervoltage. Prices for phase monitoring relays start at $39.

AR series alternating relays feature a three-position selector switch to alternate two loads as normal, or lock the relay to one load or the other. The ARX model is a DPDT cross-wired unit that alternates two loads as normal, or locks the relay to always operate the same load first each time. Alternating relay prices start at $21.

PSFR series pump seal failure relaysmonitor the shaft seals of submersible pumps. Featuring a user-adjustable sensitivity knob, the relays are available in two 8-pin models - SPDT single channel or dual channel relay with two SPNO contacts. PSFR relay prices start at $47.75.

Accompanying 8-pin 10A, 600V octal sockets are available for $3.50.

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