Breaking Product News: Opto 22's SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit

Opto 22's new SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit (SNAP-PAC-ROK) can be used to design an Ethernet-based redundant control system with maximum reliability and distributed intelligence that can recover instantly from failure, uses standard off-the-shelf components and costs less than traditional redundant controllers.

The SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit includes:

  • SNAP PAC Redundancy Arbiter -- a stand-alone processor that connects serially to both controllers and monitors, regulates their status and maintains synchronization of the control program during system start-up. 
  • SNAP Redundant Power Switch -- allows power restarts to controllers in the event of failure and during firmware upgrades.
  • Redundancy Option Configuration Utility -- for configuring redundant systems, including IP addresses, program synchronization and firmware matching and for maintaining and monitoring a functioning system.
Product Type:
Integrated Control Systems
Opto 22