ABB's Smart Positioner With Remote Sensor

A new version of ABB's TZIDC series of intelligent positioners comes with a remote sensor that separates the control module from the pneumatic valve or actuator. This permits users to place the sensor component at locations characterized by:

  • difficulty in reaching
  • high elevation
  • ambient temperatures up to 100C (212F)
  • unacceptable or unsafe working conditions.

Meanwhile users can locate the control component up to 32 feet away in ideal areas for easy setup and operation. Remote options include quick-disconnect and conduit cables.

The new positioner offers all the same advantages and performance capabilities of the popular TZIDC series. It accepts 4 to 20 mA or digital input signals and offers immunity to vibration up to 10g and 80 Hz. Additional benefits include lowest air consumption in industry, a universal mounting design, and diagnostic and predictive maintenance. It optimizes performance by automatically adjusting its control parameters as the dynamic conditions of the valve or actuator changes with time.

TZIDC positioners have a built-in operating display, providing a two-line LCD and four pushbuttons for optimal local configuration, simple commissioning, and operational monitoring. Alternatively, communication capabilities permit remote configuration. TZIDC models are available with direct serial communications, as well as HART, PROFIBUS PA, and FOUNDATION fieldbus protocols.

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