Banner Engineering's R58B Series Registration Mark Sensor

Banner Engineering's new R58B Series Expert Registration Mark Sensor provides the same high-performance detection and color contrast sensitivity of the R58E. It also brings a simplified teach process. TEACH is performed quickly via a single-click on the TEACH push-button on the sensor or via remote input. TEACH allows the sensor to “learn” the light and dark sensing conditions, based on user inputs, and then can automatically adjust the sensitivity to place the operating threshold midway between threshold for the light and dark condition. With superior color contrast sensitivity and sensing performance, the R58B offers registration repeatability and solid-state reliability for typical color contrasts through the following features:

  • Capable of detecting 16 levels of gray scale
  • Ultra-fast 10 kHZ switching frequency (10,0000 actuations per second)
  • Smart gain-control algorithm maximizes performance in low-contrast or high-gloss applications
  • 11 status LED's indicate sensor configuration and currently selected emitter color
  • The R58B is cased in an IP67-rated, zinc alloy die-cast housing with high-quality acrylic lens,

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