iKey's Shallow Rackdrawer

iKey introduces its most shallow rackdrawer specially designed for industrial and military applications. Designed to iKey’s high standard for durability, the new PMD-W features an ergonomic 10 degree pullout that fits perfectly into rackmount computer systems and enclosures, it can be rack mounted or panel mounted as needed. The 10-pound PMD-W features CRS steel construction with scratch resistant epoxy paint finish. With an operating temperature range of -40°C to +70°C, the PMD-W can easily function in an extended temperature range. The PMD-W was designed to specially pair with iKey’s low profile SK-97-TP. These two products together combine a small footprint drawer and keyboard with the added benefit of an integrated touchpad in one waterproof, rugged unit. Each iKey rackdrawer keyboard built with an industrial silicone rubber keypad and features an integrated touchpad and 10-key numeric pad. The unit meets NEMA 4X specifications, making it is resistant to dirt, debris, liquids and corrosives.

For more information on iKey’s rackdrawer products, visit www.ikey.com.

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