General Monitors' PA4000 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor

The stable, durable PA4000 Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitor is purpose-built and detects minute amounts of a wide variety of gases. Three different enclosure styles ensure there is a configuration for wildly different situations. The instrument typically draws the gas sample via an internal pump, which allows the unit to be mounted in a convenient location if the area to be monitored is inaccessible. The unit can be expanded to monitor up to 8 locations, while an easy-to-read display shows gas concentrations and 3 levels of alarms.

PA 4000New Video Explains Photoacoustic Infrared Gas Monitoring
Gas Monitoring Video from General Monitors explains the PA4000 Monitor's gas detection principle and its application in a wide range of hazardous industrial environments to protect people, equipment, and facilities. Offering alow maintenance, cost-saving solution in situations where vapor interference or contaminants preclude the use of other measurement techniques, the reliable PA4000 Photoacoustic Gas Monitor provides precise, high-performance gas monitoring.  The PA4000 features dependable infrared (IR) sensing technology and is ideal for use in chemical refineries, mining and metals fabrication, agriculture, electric utilities, welding shops, indoor air quality monitoring, and building maintenance. Watch this video to learn more.

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