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Ways to improve split-range control

Strategies and tuning to improve precision, smooth transitions and avoid oscillations.

Aug 6, 2019

*Greg:* Split-ranged control valve applications are particularly challenging. Here, we look at the many sources of the problems and the innovative solutions possible using the functionality of today’s PID. To address this, we have enlisted the help of great leaders in maximizing the functionality of the PID. We start with George Buckbee, who has considerable experience in process control and is currently an outstanding source for getting the most out of your PID, as seen in his many presentations and papers. George is an ISA Fellow and author of the focused book, “Mastering Split Range Control.” He heads up the Performance Solutions group at Metso. We then move on to seek a creative, relatively unknown approach form Nick Sands, DuPont senior manufacturing technology fellow and ISA Fellow, who was inducted this year into the Control Process Automation Hall of Fame[/articles/2019/2019-control-process-automation-hall-of-fame-nicholas-sands/]. Nick has been advancing our profession by involvement in the International Society of Automation. He was the 2015-2016 vice president of the ISA Standards and Practices Department and co-chair of ANSI/ISA-18.2-2016, “Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industry.” Nick and George are leading participants in a new ISA Standards Committee to develop an ISA Technical Report on PID Algorithms and Performance.

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