General to Master Recipe Transformation, Capturing Best Engineering Practices in Recipe Generation

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This paper discusses various strategies and methods that may be used to convert equipment independent general and site recipes, as defined in the ISA-88 Part 3 draft standard, into equipment specific master recipes, as defined in ISA-88 Part 1. The methods described have been used in multiple companies and examples of use are included in the paper. These methods allowed the companies to gain economic advantages from general recipes, reducing the engineering time and cost for new product deployment. General recipe transformation can use each site’s best engineering practices in the transformation process. This results in more consistent master recipes, fewer trial batches, and improved multi-site product consistency. The methods for general recipe transformation can be performed manually, semi-automated, or completely automated. Automation requires strict conformance to the ISA-88 Part 3 procedure definitions models. The relationship between the models and the transformation strategies is covered in the paper.

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