Product Life Cycle Management and the General Recipe a Case Study

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To adapt to today's shifting market and customer requirements, an enterprise must be increasingly agile to redefine its products. Organizational barriers introduce delays and inconsistencies in the transfer of this information. At the same time, a global enterprise needs to ensure that products are manufactured consistently, wherever they are developed or made in the supply chain . This paper presents a case study of the development and implementation of an electronic Product Lifecycle Management application to successfully address these challenges, for a premium brand food manufacturer. The business requirements are defined and mapped against the capabilities of commercial software products. To ensure that the application can evolve, as business needs change, the use of existing and emerging standards, recommendations and technologies is evaluated. The organization and project approach to involve all disciplines, redefine the product development processes and successfully introduce this new technology is described. In the conclusion a brief overview is given of the scope and uses of the application, the expected benefits are illustrated and recommendations are made to improve batch standards.