Bringing the Benefits of the Batch Control Standard (S88.01) to the Flat Sheet Industries

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During the last several years, the ISA Batch Standard (S88.01) has become a commonly understood way of communicating batch system requirements. Traditional batch manufacturing industries such as Food and Beverage, Consumer Products and Pharmaceuticals have realized the benefits of this model. However, non-traditional batch manufacturing applications such as Pulp and Paper, Steel and Plastics can also realize significant productivity benefits by applying the S88.01 model. This paper examines some of these "non-traditional" batch manufacturing applications and outlines the benefits that S88.01 can provide. It also provides a discussion of the usefulness of batch standard terminology for these nontraditional applications. In some instances, the use of actual terminology provides real benefit to the manufacturing process; in others, the application of the standard in principle only is the most appropriate and beneficial.