Accurate liquid phase density on aerated liquids

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ensity is one of the most widely used composition-based measurements in industrial process control. However, it is well recognized that the presence of small, but unknown levels of entrained gases can mask the density of the non-aerated component of a process mixture, resulting in an inaccurate determination of process fluid density. 

This White Paper discusses SONAR-based, clamp-on gas volume fraction meters which recently have been introduced to the industry that provide an accurate, real time, measurement of entrained gases. Coupling entrained gas volume fraction monitor with most types of process density meters, enables accurate determination of liquid and the liquid-solid components of aerated mixtures.

As this White Paper points out, despite efforts to minimize levels of entrained gases, the presence of small, but unknown and variable amounts of entrained gases continue to confound accurate process fluid density measurement in a wide range of industrial applications. Most types of industrial processes, on-line density measurement devices can continue to accurately report mixture density. Mixture density, when combined with a SONAR-based gas volume fraction measurement provides a practical method to provide accurate measurement of the non-aerated component of aerated mixtures, eliminating the often-impractical requirement to completely eliminate entrained gases to extract compositional information from density measurements.
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