Increasing plant floor security today


eadlines around the world increasingly point to a renewed focus on the need for plant floor security. This is not a result of “crying wolf” but rather a reality check on the current state-of-affairs. From “Is Your Factory Floor Data Safe?” to “Can’t Happen at Your Site?”, control system managers are seeing in print what they’ve been dreading: the bad guys are starting to figure out how to penetrate the factory without breaking or sneaking in physically.

This White Paper, from Rockwell Automation, maintains that plant floor security is about managing risk. Investing in plant floor security is like buying insurance: you purchase it in hopes that you never need to use it!

Before you spend a dime to increase your plant floor security, you need to ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • What do I have that requires “protection” and how much “protection” is required?
  • Will a critical system disruption or a data theft (lose of IP) cause a disruption in my business?
  • How much is my IP worth to me (in the wrong hands)?
  • How long will I be down?
  • What is the recovery process?
  • How much will it cost me to recover?
  • Will my business ever recover?
  • And most importantly, whom am I protecting myself from (who is the enemy?)…..the big dark underworld cyber terrorist or my best employees?

This White Paper will help you understand the implications of plant floor security and how it can be cost effectively improved today.

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