Industrial security and compliance

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This paper talks about each of the areas of concentration for process sucurity in detail--people, processes and technology--as well as the priority of developing a security philosophy which will in turn foster a security culture.

By Rick Kaun, Industrial Security & Compliance Manager, Matrikon


THE SCOPE of the term "security" often seems vague, and the sheer volume of effort and areas of concern this may represent can be overwhelming. In looking at a number of security frameworks or standards, a common theme emerges that is quickly being adopted as a holistic and effective approach to security. This approach combines efforts and initiatives that go far beyond the purchase and deployment of technology.

Different initiatives, such as the SP99 from the ISA or the CIP 002-009 from the NERC CIPC, offer different sections, headings and names for each of their areas of concentration but in the end, all efforts can usually be summed into three foundational areas: People, Processes and Technology.

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