Implementing a manufacturing execution system

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This paper describes how the Chevron Chemical Oak Point plant used production and batch management software and the S88 methodology to implement a manufacturing execution system (MES) to manage the full life-cycle of production work orders.

By Dave Blosser, IT Manager, Chevron Chemical, and Darrell Tanner, Batch Consultant, Honeywell Hi-Spec Solutions

IN THE PAST, manufacturing facilities with extensive automation opportunities, such as those around continuous processes, have been able to achieve a high level of integration. The integration has typically broken at the points where manual intervention is needed in an otherwise automated process, such as in the product movements areas, and on smaller batch processes. This partial integration at the manufacturing facility has made integration to an enterprise resource planning system fragile at best, and unsuccessful in the majority of cases.

To get around the challenges of a mixed initiative operation, manufacturers have had to make large capital investments in automating the manual tasks. These capital investments often involved long lead times, process unit shutdowns, and could be only marginally profitable in smaller facilities.

This paper describes a solution that combines Web technology and several commercial software packages.