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  • 21 steps to improve security of SCADA networks

    The President’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, and the Department of Energy, have developed the steps outlined here to help any organization improve the security of its SCADA networks.

    Dept. of Energy
  • Statistical process monitoring of industrial batch processes

    This White Paper summarizes the findings from three case studies involving the application of multivariate statistics to batch processes, and provides a comparison of different approaches to monitoring batch process operations.

    World Batch Forum
  • The ups and downs of alarm trips

    This White Paper features extensive information on various types of alarm trips, their effective applications and safety factors, and addresses other considerations that need to be made when implementing an alarm trip strategy.

  • Is wireless for you?

    From telephones to remote TV controls to alarm systems, wireless is everywhere! It is the hottest and latest technological breakthrough. Or is it? This White Paper compares wired and wireless applications, and the benefits and limitations of this 100-year-old communications technology.

    Otek Corp.
  • The four-fold method of noise and vibration control

    This White Paper on noise and vibration control will help control engineers get a better understanding of how passive acoustical systems can best be used to improve instrument designs at the lowest cost.

    E-A-R Specialty Composites
  • Temperature measurement applications in power plants

    This White Paper covers some of the basics of temperature measurement, and leads into some of the technical advances that impart a higher degree of safety and reliability to power plant operation.

  • Distributed firewall for SCADA and industrial networks

    The sensitive nature of PLC and DCS devices requires a higher level of network segmentation and advanced defense solutions. This "special to the web" White Paper defines the problem and introduces a new approach to distributing a firewall throughout your SCADA and industrial networking environment.

    PlantData Technologies
  • The pros and cons of alarm management projects

    Although a lot of alarm management projects start and fail due to poor understanding of the scope of the probelm, lack of resources or money, loss of momentum, and no identifiable return on investment, the real key to success is to establish responsibility.

    User Centered Design Services
  • The benefits of connectorized I/O

    This White Paper asserts that connectorization is the perfect complement to fieldbus systems, but difficult to measure during the initial planning stages.

  • Alarms management: Priority, floods, tears or gain?

    This “special to the web” White Paper explains how alarms historically have been viewed as an entity in and of themselves with little thought given to human factors, and how they might help an operator investigate the root cause of why irrelevant alarms obscure more critical alarms.

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