Operations Excellence

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Invensys Operations Management division of Invensys was formed in May 2009 by combining Invensys Process Systems - Avantis, Foxboro, InFusion, SimSci-Esscor and Triconex - with Wonderware, Eurotherm and IMServ. The basis for this move was each of these four traditionally separate and excellent business units would provide more value for clients working together to solve difficult business problems that could not be solved by each unit separately. The Invensys leadership believes that the combined business would help to define and develop leadership in an emerging market space referred to as Operations Management. Invensys Operations Management will focus all of its resources to help customers drive Operations Excellence into their businesses.

Attaining Operations Excellence requires that industrial companies maximize the efficiency and profitability from their operations through excellent control, drive maximum business value from all their industrial assets, continually drive and increase productivity from all operations-focused personnel, all while reducing negative environmental impact and improving safety. Therefore, Invensys has defined Operations Excellence along four key themes: Control Excellence, Asset Excellence, Productivity Excellence and Environment and Safety Excellence.

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Author: Invensys, Donald Clark, Peter G. Martin, PhD, Charles Piper and Simon Windust  | File Type: PDF

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