Sustaining Performance

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What's Inside:
1. Support - A Competitive Weapon?
2. Sustaining Performance - a Dream or a Goal?
3. The End Result - Less than Optimal Performance
4. Sustain and Improve Operational Performance
5. Outside the Box - An Opportunity for Synergy
6. Support is More than "Just Insurance"
7. Proactively Preventing Problems is Better than Just Fixing Them
8. Support Programs - a Cost or a Benefit?
9. The Business Case for Support
10. "Side-Effects" Consideration
11. Invensys Experience
12. Summary

Bringing a production facility online is the result of a huge investment. It typically takes years of planning, design, construction and finally, you move into operating the plant. Whether your operation has been running for 20 years or is about to start up, you face the ongoing challenge to achieve the highest returns possible on that investment. Once you have the initial bugs worked out and achieve the goals of targeted productivity, efficiency, quality and performance, how do you sustain high performance, or even improve it?

This goal of this paper is to present a perspective on Support Services as a tactical approach to not only sustain current Operations performance levels, but to continually improve them - and to be able to measure the ROI of an ongoing Support program.

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