Reasons why asset management helps you retain and acquire new automation workers

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Utilizing asset management is not a matter of if, but when! Your intelligent measurement devices provide the opportunity for improved plant reliability.

150420 FDT MES PautoWorkersIn case you have not been paying attention, there is a shortage of skilled labor in the automation industry. As Baby Boomers continue to exit the workforce, they take with them a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience that cannot be found in text books, training courses or YouTube videos. According to Industry Week, "Between retiring Baby Boomers and uninterested youth, age clearly is taking its toll on U.S. manufacturing skills. This paper looks at why and how an asset management system can play a role in the solution to retaining more knowledge while also attracting the current and next generation of tech-savvy workers. The addition and use of an asset management system combined with an effective implementation plan can help you better manage your assets to improve plant reliability, get or remain competitive, and may help to attract and challenge younger engineers and skilled workers to fill the gaps created by retiring Boomers.

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