Using smart instruments to extract HART data


A simple and cost effective solution for gathering HART information.

With the prohibitive cost of installing a plant wide HART monitoring system and lack of familiarity with alternatives, HART data often goes unused. With HART interface devices, acquring HART data is a fairly simple task again. 

HART-enabled transmitters, valve positioners, fl owmeters, and other “smart devices” superimpose a digital signal upon their 4-20mA process signal. The HART digital signal often contains additional process measurements and other variables that may include instrument status, diagnostic data, alarms, calibration values and alert messages

However, many HART instruments were installed simply because they could be confi gured and diagnosed easily with a HART handheld communicator (HHC). Use this guide to help you acquire HART data in a simple and cost-effective way.

Download the white paper.