From PLCs to chocolate: Dick Morley marches on...

I received a "shameless self promotion" email from Dick Morley, intrepid Control columnist. He is now in the chocolate business... Wolf Rock Chocolate  By Dick Morley
My name is Dick Morley and I am the founder of Wolf Rock Chocolate. I have owned a gourmet restaurant in the past and enjoy fine food. My family has a long history of making sweets and good food. When I set out to make Wolf Rock Chocolate, I made sure the chocolate met my taste requirements, met my family's standards for fine food and appealed to chocolate lovers with discriminating taste. We specifically designed this chocolate to taste different from European recipes. European chocolate is quite good, of course, but our chocolate is totally American and delivers a taste that's stimulating, enjoyable and makes you wish you could eat pounds of it at a time. Wolf Rock Chocolate is made in New Hampshire by master candymakers and all ingredients are purchased from North and South American suppliers. South American chocolate goes to upstate New York where it is powdered into a fine mix and separated into three major constituents. These constituents are then shipped to our cookery and made into fine dark bark chocolate (this is not milk chocolate). The almonds are quick frozen at the time of picking in California and shipped to our cookery. We cook and make the chocolate according to two recipes in our chef's shop: Formula 7 and Formula 23. A market research study of about 20+ chocolate taste testers indicated that men and women have slightly different tastes. Men seem to favor our Formula 23 and women our Formula 7. When ordering, request which one you desire. When you receive your chocolate, it is rather fragile. Think of it as raspberries or soft gourmet tomatoes. It has a shelf life in your home of about 30 days before the taste begins to come off peak. The temperature should be above 45°F and below 75°F at all times. Storing it with the white wines in your wine cellar or wine cooler at 55°F would be perfect. Specialty orders are OK but discouraged because it takes time to produce and quantities must be more than several pounds. The cocoa content can be altered to some extent. There have been, for example, several requests for cashews (unsalted) in the mix rather than almonds. These are available on special order and in reasonable quantities only. We also produce chocolate for corporate events. Our chocolate can be given to customers at a party or sent to them as a gift. Chocolate can be packaged in special containers that contain only your company's name. If your customer wants to get more chocolate, he or she has to go back to you. There's no way for them to contact us directly. The most interesting thing of all is the "yum factor." When people eat this chocolate, their faces light up and a smile appears. It's wonderful to watch. There's been a lot of talk lately in the press about how dark chocolate is good for you "” especially with almonds. I'd like to believe it because it's one of the few times something tastes good that is good for you. Good eating and good health from Wolf Rock Chocolate! Wolf Rock Chocolate can be ordered online with a credit card at or You may send an email to or call 603-878-4365. Wolf Rock Chocolate can be purchased for $30.00. Packaging is critical. We ship to maintain peak flavor as long as possible. Shipping and handling is an additional $10.00 per order.

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