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CG1410 CovStry

Cybersecurity: Control Systems Are Under Attack

Here, There Be Dragons. It's a Scary New World in Process Control, but You Can Defend Your Plant Against Cyber Attack

CG1410 Feat2

IT Tools Elevate DCS Capabilities

Fewer Rivalries and Better Collaboration Are Allowing Distributed Processes to Apply More IT-Based Expertise, Software and Networking to Streamline Operations—and May Even Enable More BYOD, If Security Can Be Maintained

CG1410 Programming

Process Automation Programming Language. One for All

The Case for Using Natural Language

CG1410 Error

PID Form Trick or Treat Tips

Not knowing the Implications of the PID Form In an Existing Control System Being Migrated or the PID Form Learned In a University Course Can Cause Gross Errors In the Tuning Parameters and Potential Instability

CG1410 CyberCrime

Highlights from the 2014 ICS Cybersecurity Conference

Conference Presentations and Discussions Included Actual ICS Cyber Incidents, New ICS Cyber Vulnerabilities and New ICS Cybersecurity Technologies

GE14 Day2 Summit

GE Users Summit 2014

Making the Industrial Internet Real. See Details of This Year's Event


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PID Form Trick or Treat Tips

Not knowing the implications of the PID Form in an existing control system being migrated or the PID Form learned in a University course can cause gross errors in the tuning parameters and potential instability. The PID Form predominantly used today is not the Form in most of the controllers installed before the 1990s and is not the Form seen in most control theory textbooks. Here we alert you to the differences and consequences. An Appendix provides simple equations to convert between the different PID Forms and block diagrams in the time frame that are not available in the literature.

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The power industry has unique technical needs in addressing cyber security - NOT!

The Convenor of IEC TC57 WG15 sent a note to ISA99 stating that the power industry organizations have additional or different security situations that are causing us to create our own security standards and guidelines. Other than for compliance reasons (NERC CIP), the power industry is NOT different than other industries in securing industrial control systems.

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Where Does Innovation Come From?

It has been a busy summer.  For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of pretending to be a venture capitalist. Earlier this year I joined a local organization called the IT Entrepreneurs Network (ITEN) as a mentor.  This is a local organization that exists to help startups in the local area move from the concept stage to securing funding for their business.   I am in St. Louis, not silicon valley of the MIT corridor or the Pacific Northwest, and access to resources such as venture capitalists, advisors, and programming skills is not as easy as it is in those locations, hence the need for a networking forum for would-be innovators.  One of the mentor roles is serving on a panel of mock angel investors.  We meet with and critique the pitches from startups as they present their business plans to us as though we were potential investors.  This has given me some new insight into the innovative process.

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HART - We have an App for that

Innovative HART communications specialty company ProComSol announced earlier this month that they now have an Android based application that when combined with their Bluetooth modem allows any Android Ice Cream Sandwich based system to be used as a handheld communicator for any HART 7 or earlier device.

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Process Optimization Gains Industrial Strength
We Review 25 Years of Uneven Progress From White Coats Toward Steel-Toed Boots

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Leslie Gordon
Advances in Flow Measurement and Control
Current Industrial Instrumentation Measures More Parameters, More Accurately

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Of Swiss Cheese, KPIs and Process Safety
How to Find Out How Safe Your Operations Really Are

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Wired or Wireless Revisited
John Rezabek Wonders If the Future Automation Plant Will Be Completely Wireless or If the Copper Wires and Cables Will Be Necessary

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Visible Data Means Operations Excellence
Coca-Cola and GE Lighting Use Proficy Workflow, Historian, iFix HMI SCADA and Portal Software to Streamline Lighting and Refreshment Production

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Tuning Finale
What's Going on With Loop Performance?

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Controller Action and Positioner Rules
Two of Our Readers Ask Our Experts to Clarify Their Views on Controllers and Positioner Rules

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Virtualization Coming Soon to a Controller Near You
Partitioning, Para-Virtualization Allow Implementation of Mixed Criticality Systems

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Use BACnet/IP to Connect Building Automation and Process Systems
Process and Building Automation Systems Can Be Linked Using the BACnet Protocol, Either at the HMI or the Controller Level

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How Vulnerable Is Your Safety?
Is Anyone Doing Anything to Protect Your Cybersecurity? You Betcha! The First Line of Defense Better Be You

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