Foundation fieldbus in hazardous areas

Why and how Saudi Aramco plans to migrate from non-incendive to intrinsically safe.

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At Saudi Aramco, the protection scheme non-incendive energy limited (Ex nL) is used for Foundation fieldbus (FF) spurs to allow for "live maintenance." The Ex nL was withdrawn from the IEC 60079-151, and replaced with a new intrinsically safe protection method (Ex ic) per the IEC 60079-112. Considering that Ex nL-certified FF devices are gradually diminishing, appropriate studies, solutions and mitigation plans were explored to ensure safety and reliability is maintained with the existing installed base. For grassroots projects, the situation is a bit more complicated because end users have to correctly interpret the new international standards addressing the…

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Voices: Ask The Experts

Advanced control for boiler drum level?

A reader asks our experts if it is possible to implement such controls. Find out what they had to say

By Béla Lipták

Q: I read some papers regarding boiler drum level control and almost all mention that, for better performance, we should go for fuzzy logic controllers or model-based controllers instead of traditional PID controllers. However, in those papers, the results are obtained by simulating through Matlab.

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