Control Systems of the Future

Through the looking glass of emerging technologies.

William L. Mostia
CG1503 CovStry

How might we expect emerging technologies to play out in the world of process control? Successfully predicting the future is difficult at best, so we sought out and consulted with industry visionaries and long-term planners to see where there is consensus about how rapidly developing operator interface, computing, data analytics and virtual reality will change our craft. Their informed speculation indicates these emerging technologies and others will be impacting our industries at an increasing, even amazing, rate. Our list is by no means exhaustive, as many technologies are just now emerging out of their cocoons, and there's no telling what else might be lurking out…

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Timeless Resources

Beginner's Guide to Differential Pressure Level Transmitters

By David W. Spitzer

The importance of level measurement cannot be overstated. Incorrect or inappropriate measurements can cause  levels in vessels to be excessively higher or lower than their measured values. Low levels can cause pumping problems and damage the pump, while high levels can cause vessels to overflow and potentially create safety and environmental problems. Vessels operating at incorrect intermediate levels can result in poor operating conditions and affect the accounting of material. Learn more.

Controllers: Direct vs. Reverse-Acting Control

By Bela Liptak

Valve failure position is determined by safety considerations. If, in case of failure, you want your column to go on full reflux, your selection where the reflux control valve is fail-open, and net overhead control valve is fail-close, is right. Assuming that the valve actuators are spring-operated pneumatic ones, and assuming that you define "failure" as the loss of air supply, the spring will act to open a fail-open (FO) valve and to close a fail-closed (FC) valve, regardless what the controller actions are. Read more.

Voices: Ask The Experts

Linear or Equal Percentage Valves: When Should I Use Which?

Since the goal is to control loop stability, the choice that gives you the best chance of that is the one to make.

By Bela Liptak

Question: Is there some general rule on when we should use =% (equal percentage) and when linear control valves? I know that the determining factor is the inherent flow characteristic, the flow vs. lift at constant pressure drop, or something like that. I do not know what this means, because…

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Control Talk Blog

Succinct Field Instrumentation Guidance for the Automation Generalist Tips

The amount of information that the generalist needs to know is staggering. The knowledge needed is buried in a hundred thousand pages of publications and presentations that are oriented toward the specialist. Here I provide the essentials for the best field instrumentation system. The emphasis in this guidance is on performance rather than cost.

Control Talk Blog

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  • Live from ABB Automation and Power World 2015

    Headlines from March 4, 2015 Predicting the Future of Cybersecurity "If we don't do cybersecurity right with the Internet of Things," warned Tim Rains, chief security advisor, Cybersecurity & Data Protection Group, at Microsoft, "the next generation will have a bunch of untrustworthy…

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  • System 800xA v6 is Even More About Control

    By Jim Montague

    Some Swiss Army knives just get better—to the point where it seems they can go anywhere and accomplish almost anything. System 800xA (eXtended Automation) is one of these universally helpful tools; and its new version 6 (v6) is continuing this tradition by helping users with many new and…

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  • North America Is Focus of ABB Measurement Investments

    By Keith Larson

    Accurate and reliable instrumentation has always been the foundation of effective process automation, and ABB is investing big in fundamental measurement capabilities to better serve its process industry customers. In little more than a year, the company's Measurement & Analytics business has…

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  • Predicting the Future of Cybersecurity

    By Mike Bacidore

    The number of global Internet users will double to 4 billion by 2020, with ever more of these users—about three quarters of them—living in emerging economies. Along with these rising numbers will come an exponential increase in cybersecurity threats. That was the message presented during a…

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  • How to Calibrate Pressure Instruments

    By Jim Montague

    As natural forces go, pressure is pretty straightforward. It involves less mysterious physics than electromagnetism, it's easier to observe than thermodynamics, and its calculations are simpler than often turbulent flows. However, there are still some important aspects of pressure that must be…

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  • Here's What to Look for in Operator Displays

    By Mike Macidore

    A fundamental responsibility for any operator is identifying whether a process is OK. And making that determination should take no longer than 4 seconds, according to David A. Strobhar, PE, author of "Human Factors in Process Plant Operation" and principal human factors engineer at Dayton, Ohio,…

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