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Reader Feedback: What Does "Process Control" Mean Anyway?

According to This reader, "Process Control" Does Not Have a Sufficiently Universal Meaning

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Big Dogs: Control/ARC Automation Top 50

Size Matters in Enabling the Top 50 Biggest Process Control and Automation Suppliers Worldwide and in North America to Develop New Innovations, Fill Gaps in Their Capabilities, and Thrive Despite Volatile Economic and Accelerating Technical Changes

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Inferential Analysis Can Save Process Analyer Costs

This Control Technique Can Eliminate the Delays, Limitations, Failures and Expense of Analyzers.

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How to Validate the Data Your Smart Instruments Are Sending

NAMUR and ISA Are Developing Standards and Best Practices to Help You Navigate the Flood of Data Your Instruments Can Now Generate


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Controller Attenuation and Resonance Tips

When is a controller in automatic not able to do anything to reduce an oscillation? When will a controller amplify an oscillation? In both of these cases, the controller is doing more harm than good by wearing out valves and upsetting other loops. Here we look at how to tell if an oscillation is likely to cause either of these scenarios and what we can do to reduce the detrimental effect on the process.

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ICS Cyber Security Lecture at Air Force Institute of Technology- AFIT

December 16th, I was hosted by the Center for Cyberspace Research at AFIT to deliver a lecture on ICS cyber security which appeared to be well-received. The lecture was from the perspective of the industrial community. In my view, AFIT is one of the technical leaders in defending ICSs. 

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Where Does Innovation Come From?

It has been a busy summer.  For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of pretending to be a venture capitalist. Earlier this year I joined a local organization called the IT Entrepreneurs Network (ITEN) as a mentor.  This is a local organization that exists to help startups in the local area move from the concept stage to securing funding for their business.   I am in St. Louis, not silicon valley of the MIT corridor or the Pacific Northwest, and access to resources such as venture capitalists, advisors, and programming skills is not as easy as it is in those locations, hence the need for a networking forum for would-be innovators.  One of the mentor roles is serving on a panel of mock angel investors.  We meet with and critique the pitches from startups as they present their business plans to us as though we were potential investors.  This has given me some new insight into the innovative process.

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HART - We have an App for that

Innovative HART communications specialty company ProComSol announced earlier this month that they now have an Android based application that when combined with their Bluetooth modem allows any Android Ice Cream Sandwich based system to be used as a handheld communicator for any HART 7 or earlier device.

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Shell's Bigger Boat

"We're gonna need a bigger boat," said the man in the movie. Somebody at Shell Oil must have said the same thing. But at Shell, they’re not just asking for bigger. They're going for "biggest." Under construction now at the Samsung Heavy Industries shipyard on Geoje Island in South Korea, the Prelude when completed will be 105 m tall, 488 m long, 75 m wide and will weigh 600,000 tonnes when fully loaded. It will be the largest ship ever built.

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How the DCS Has Spread Its Tentacles into Every Aspect of Factory Control
For 25 Years, We've Watched in Wonder the Progress of Our Most Powerful Systems

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Leslie Gordon
End-User Safety Forum: Top Manufacturers Find that Safety Pays for Itself
Best-in-Class Manufacturers Practice Safety Methods that Result in a Lower Worker-Injury Rate, Less Unscheduled Downtime, Fewer Risks and Higher Production

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Of Swiss Cheese, KPIs and Process Safety
How to Find Out How Safe Your Operations Really Are

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Why HART and Foundation Fieldbus Don't Just Get Married
The Disparate Origins of These Protocols Mean a One-Size-Fits-All Heir Is Unlikely

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Brain Power for Power Supplies
If Controllers and Field Devices Already Have Diagnostics Tool Power, Why Can't Power Supply Devices Have That Too?

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How to Get Engineers and Operators on Board for Your Next System Upgrade
Managing the People Actually Doing the Work Is Key to Getting the Most Out of Your System Upgrades

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SIS: Standards by Committee
SIS Committees Don't Like Plain English. Their work is Peppered with High-Tech Buzzwords, Abbreviations and Acronyms That Make These Documents Harder to Read and Hence Less Valuable

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Honeywell Responding to Process Industry Needs
New Technology, Service Offerings Speed Project Execution and Improve Plant Performance

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Combining Building and Process Automation Systems. Is It Better?
Combining Building and Process Automation Systems Can Ease Plant Support, but Be Prepared to Ante Up

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How Vulnerable Is Your Safety?
Is Anyone Doing Anything to Protect Your Cybersecurity? You Betcha! The First Line of Defense Better Be You

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