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From Field Corn to Ethanol to Fueling a Pump Near You

CGB's Goal Is to Enhance the Local Economy and Community by Working Every Day to Improve the Plant and Its Process to Be Part of the Solution to the Country's Energy Needs

CG1409 Conference

Endress+Hauser and Rockwell Automation Host Process Solutions Summit

Central to the Event, Endress+Hauser Showcased the new 80,000 Square Feet, $16 Million Customer Center

CG1409 Datalogger

Using Data Loggers to Improve Chilled Water Plant Efficiency

Learn to Use Data to Evaluate the Potential Positive Impacts of Controlling Chilled Water Coil Differential Temperature (ΔT) on Overall Chilled Water Plant Efficiency

CG1409 Battery

Wireless Resonance

One of the Challenges Facing Wireless Devices Is Providing Them With Reliable Power Other Than a Battery


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Measurement Location Tips

The question for the day is where to locate measurements. My first choice would be a Caribbean island but if the plant is not there, the sensing or sample lines and the associated transportation delays would be quite long. The additional loop dead time would cause all sorts of performance problems that might take years to troubleshoot. I might even have to move to the island. Hmm, sounds good for my golden years.

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The DRAFT agenda for the October ICS Cyber Security Conference is now available

The DRAFT agenda for the 14th ICS Cyber Security Conference the week of October 20th at Georgia Tech in Atlanta is now available at The Conference and topics are very timely given the pervasive misinformation that continues to appear.

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Where Does Innovation Come From?

It has been a busy summer.  For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of pretending to be a venture capitalist. Earlier this year I joined a local organization called the IT Entrepreneurs Network (ITEN) as a mentor.  This is a local organization that exists to help startups in the local area move from the concept stage to securing funding for their business.   I am in St. Louis, not silicon valley of the MIT corridor or the Pacific Northwest, and access to resources such as venture capitalists, advisors, and programming skills is not as easy as it is in those locations, hence the need for a networking forum for would-be innovators.  One of the mentor roles is serving on a panel of mock angel investors.  We meet with and critique the pitches from startups as they present their business plans to us as though we were potential investors.  This has given me some new insight into the innovative process.

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Wireless Resonance

One of the challenges facing wireless devices is providing them with reliable power other than a battery, which though continually improving requires replacement when the cell dies. Rechargeable batteries are the obvious solution, however the challenge then changes to finding a reliable and safe way to recharge them without adding a wire, or complex system to manage the recharge process which will reduce the efficiency to a level making it cumbersome, expensive and low reliability.

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Operators Get What They Deserve
Our First 25 Years Chronicle the Rising Role of the Operator in Defining the Human Interface

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Leslie Gordon
2014 Salary Survey: Perks Aplenty?
Factors Other Than Salary and Perks Motivate Our Readers to Come to Work Daily and Do Their Best

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Of Swiss Cheese, KPIs and Process Safety
How to Find Out How Safe Your Operations Really Are

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Hungry for Open Network Protocol Standards
You Just Can't Be Apple to Your Customer and Control Every Widget You Sell

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Choose and Manage Your Automation Suppliers Carefully
How Can We Manage Our Supplier Performance to Achieve Optimum Long-Term Results

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Free Your Mind with OPC HDA ... and the Rest Will Follow
How Do I Access the Data Files/Tables on Your HDA Historian?

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STEM Efforts in Community Colleges Pay Off
Pure Partnership, Lasting Legacy

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How to Get the Most Out of Your PID by Better Tuning
Tuning Tune-up. McMilland and Weiner Ask Sigifredo: What Are the Approximate Percentages of the Various Sources of Problems in the Loops You Have Worked With?

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Critical Level Measurement; Novice Engineer's Library
How to Install Three Magnetostrictive Level Gauges and What Are Some Good Instrumentation Books?

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Yokogawa Previews Configurable I/O, Independent SIS
Hybrid I/O Is Software Configurable for the Basics, Relies on Optional Signal Conditioner for Added Functionality

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Improve Access to Plant Information
There Are Four Stages of Content Management Maturity: Content Under Control, Access Anywhere, Managing Change and Integration With the Business

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Top 50 Automation Suppliers: Changing Latitudes, Changing Attitudes
Major Acquisitions and a Real Shift in Focus for the Automation Industry Going Forward

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How Vulnerable Is Your Safety?
Is Anyone Doing Anything to Protect Your Cybersecurity? You Betcha! The First Line of Defense Better Be You

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