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HOW DO I . . .
We've started a series of informative process control "How To" articles we hope will be of interest to you at These articles are short, informative, and without relevance to specific products. They are written for a general understanding of process control techniques, applications and solutions.  

  • How do I adjust for DO2
    Flexibility is what you need when it comes to controlling fermentation. This abbreviated description (full version is AN304) focuses on applying Mantra's advanced process control solution for dissolved oxygen.
  • How do I tune cascade loops
    Tuning a cascade loop is simple, as long as the concepts of the cascade loop are understood. In this installment of "How Do I . . ." we take a look at a common cascade loop application.
  • How do I select an ultrasonic system
    In water and wastewater plants around the world, ultrasonic is the level and fl ow technology of choice, and for many good reasons.


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Bela Liptak, PE, is a process control consultant and editor of the "Instrument Engineers' Handbook, Fourth Edition." He is seeking new co-authors for the forthcoming edition of that multi-volume work and can be reached at