Why measure flow?

Flow measurement is an integral part of almost every aspect of our lives

Return of analog reality

Is a digitized reality always the best choice?

Advanced temperature diagnostics steer effective maintenance practices

Built-in diagnostics provide value through improved confidence, prevention and response

Temperature innovations boost measurement resiliency and accuracy during operation

Innovations in electronic diagnostics, physical design and sensor redundancy head off process interruptions

Faster and easier temperature measurement installation without a process shutdown

Turn to fully integrated assemblies and non-intrusive alternatives to streamline implementation without sacrificing performance

Overcoming temperature measurement uncertainty

The path to temperature certainty requires proper testing at the operating point

Choosing the right flowmeter for flare gas detection

Our experts recommend ultrasonic flowmeters to get the job done right

Camera detection and image processing platform

Flir IIS camera platform and imaging software includes Spinnaker 4 GeniCam3 API library for machine vision developers to evaluate, test and deploy products quickly. It enables...

Sulfur analyzer can be located away from sampling location

888L sulfur recovery tail gas analyzer is suitable for applications requiring the analyzer’s electronics and user interface to be located away from the sampling location...

Switch provides flow and leak detection in nuclear plants

FLT93 switch provides safety-qualified flow or leak detection in nuclear plants, and its advanced, heavy-duty thermal dispersion technology is reported to be ideal for turbine...

Visible wavelength and wide-range optical spectrum analyzers

AQ6373E visible wavelength and AQ6374E wide-range optical spectrum analyzers feature high resolution and close-in dynamic range. AQ6373E covers the 350 nm to 1,200 nm wavelength...