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Prevent Tank Farm Overfill Hazards

Catastrophic Incidents Have Led to Useful Rules for Systems That Help Avoid Them

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Batch Optimization Recommendations Tips

Batch Processes Pose Particular Challenges for Closed Loop Control and Optimization Due to Inherent Process Nonlinearity and Non-Self-Regulation

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Infographic: Seasoned Vocational Professionals Are Retiring, But Who Will Fill in the Gaps?

With Baby Boomers Retiring, What Skilled Trades Are In High-Demand?

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Standardization Reigns in Automation Safety

Our First 25 Years Have Seen Arcane Systems Evolve into a Highly Standardized and Tightly Regulated Discipline

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How to Ease the Transition to Virtualization

Up-front Planning, Bundled Solutions Smooth the Move to a Virtualized Production Environment


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Unlocking the Secrets of Uranium Dioxide’s Thermal Conductivity

Los Alamos National Laboratory is helping the DOE develop advanced predictive computer models of nuclear reactor performance. 

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Batch Optimization Recommendations Tips

Batch processes pose particular challenges for closed loop control and optimization due to inherent process nonlinearity and non-self-regulation. At the same time there is a greater potential for increasing capacity in batch than in continuous processes. Solutions need to address the interrelationship between yield, capacity, quality, and repeatability. Here are opportunities and techniques for getting the most out of your batch.

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Aurora mitigation status and lack of industry credible response

The electric industry still has done very little other than paper studies to address the Aurora mitigation. DOD is working with two utilities to demonstrate the use of the Aurora hardware mitigation devices. The first utility has provided DOD with several dozen event reports to date. The data shows there are events in the grid that can be detected by the Aurora mitigation device, and that the Aurora mitigation is well-behaved and does not send false trip signals.

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Where Does Innovation Come From?

It has been a busy summer.  For the last couple of months I have had the pleasure of pretending to be a venture capitalist. Earlier this year I joined a local organization called the IT Entrepreneurs Network (ITEN) as a mentor.  This is a local organization that exists to help startups in the local area move from the concept stage to securing funding for their business.   I am in St. Louis, not silicon valley of the MIT corridor or the Pacific Northwest, and access to resources such as venture capitalists, advisors, and programming skills is not as easy as it is in those locations, hence the need for a networking forum for would-be innovators.  One of the mentor roles is serving on a panel of mock angel investors.  We meet with and critique the pitches from startups as they present their business plans to us as though we were potential investors.  This has given me some new insight into the innovative process.

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Foundation Fieldbus Chipset Migration

The Fieldbus Foundation recently distributed a “Hot off the Wire” Press Release to inform everyone that one of the manufacturers of an approved chip set on which the FF Stack is built is to be discontinued in March 2015. What this means for manufacturers that rely on the Yamaha chip is that they will have to recertify any devices they manufacture on whichever replacement chip they choose to use. The good news for End Users is that because of the ITK test that provides the ‘FF check mark’ any replacement device will be fully compliant with all other FF devices. The added benefit is that these new devices will also have to be certified against the latest ITK 6.2 which includes many new user friendly features as well.

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Standardization Reigns in Automation Safety
Our First 25 Years Have Seen Arcane Systems Evolve into a Highly Standardized and Tightly Regulated Discipline

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Measurement, Control Specialists Might Neglect End Users
Our Customer Focus is not Just the Investor Who’s Financing a Project or the Project Manager Beating the Drum to Meet Cost and Schedule

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Effectively Harnessing Emissions Compliance Data
Build Stakeholder Confidence Through the Creation of Timely, Accurate, Retrievable and Consistent Emissions Information

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Free Your Mind with OPC HDA ... and the Rest Will Follow
How Do I Access the Data Files/Tables on Your HDA Historian?

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Process Control Innovations: What Future Process Plants Can Be Like
The Long Greenfield: North West Redwater Partnership Is Building One of Very Few New Refineries in North America, and Its Using the Latest Process Control Innovations to Do It. Here's What Future Process Plants Can Be

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Distilled Analysis of Interaction
Getting the Most Out of Your PID

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What Is the Proper Role of Automation?
Automated System Can Lead to More and More Complexity and Confusion. Until the Instruments, Automation and Controls get Extremely Reliable, We'll Still Need to Keep Humans in the Loop

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Practical Steps for Your Big Data Journey
Focus First on the Data and Assets that Are Most Important to Your Operations

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Predicting Equipment Failures in the Process Plant
Now You Have Option of Using Your Existing Process Historian as the Front End for a Vibration Monitoring System

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Top 50 Automation Suppliers: Changing Latitudes, Changing Attitudes
Major Acquisitions and a Real Shift in Focus for the Automation Industry Going Forward

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How Vulnerable Is Your Safety?
Is Anyone Doing Anything to Protect Your Cybersecurity? You Betcha! The First Line of Defense Better Be You

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