ExxonMobil commits to thinking differently with electrical integration, configurable I/O

What prompted ExxonMobil to start thinking and doing things differently? Sandy Vasser, I&E manager at ExxonMobil, explains the transition.

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Think before you act. Several years ago, ExxonMobil began its journey to act differently, trying to find ways to improve success. However, acting differently first requires the ability to think differently, and that is a significant change. “In the old days, we would improve processes incrementally and consistently. It’s a lot more complicated than that now,” explained Sandy Vasser, I&E manager at ExxonMobil. He spoke at Schneider Electric’s CONNECT 2016 user group event this week in New Orleans. Vasser has led a charge to change the way his organization acts by changing the way it thinks. “We had to challenge our traditional automation practices and…

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Experts weigh in on distillation plant measurement problems

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