Process, power and plant controls join forces to achieve performance gains

These three control types have evolved to use more software and digital components, removing many of the functional obstacles between them and allowing them to communicate more freely.

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Remember when electricity was an accounting job? Remember when plant tasks were mostly maintenance? Remember when process control was just in isolated loops? For many, those memories are yesterday's and today's—not to mention many difficult days to come. For others, it's an old and isolated perspective that's rapidly shrinking in their rearview mirrors, as they coordinate their increasingly digital process, plant and power controls to various degrees and in combinations of twos and even threes that can cooperate to achieve new levels of efficiency, optimization and performance. In past years, power distribution/conditioning and building management/automation systems…

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Our latest issue: August 2017

August CoverProcess, power and plant controls have evolved to use more software and digital components, removing many of the functional obstacles between them and allowing more free communication. Learn more in our August issue. Read the issue.


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Ask the experts: controlling fuel gas to a fired heater

Is it always better to control based on flow or pressure?

Q: I came across your “Ask the experts” column at, and I'd like to ask a question I’ve had for quite a while regarding the control of fuel gas to a fired heater. This particular unit is a natural-draft heater used in a diesel hydrotreating plant at a refinery, but I'm…

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