A Field Guide to Industrial Wireless...

The August cover story for Control is posted at www.controlglobal.com/wirelessguide.html. We've done this a little differently this month. In the magazine, everywhere there is a web resource, we've indicated it with a little circle-i caret. So we made a single page to go to where you can find both the article and expansions of some of the information in it, and the resources we have for you to figure out wireless with. We've included podcasts, videos, the entire results of the ISA SP100/Control Wireless Survey, including lots of graphs and charts that we didn't have room for in the magazine, and a guide to everything wireless on ControlGlobal.com. We think we've produced a really first-class resource. We'd like feedback, because this is the first time we've tried to build a magazine-and-web article where we didn't just post the article we printed, or a slightly larger version. The magazine will mail on Thursday, but you can read it here first.

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