ABB Automation & Power World 2012 - Day 3 #ABBAPWorld

Here is the last day of our live coverage from ABB Automation & Power World 2012

Arena Immerses Attendees in 800xA Experience
If a picture's worth 1000 words, then what about a 45-minute dramatization? That's the logic behind ABB's effort to paint a real-life picture of the problems faced by the staff at a hypothetical process plant, and how its System 800xA extended automation platform and related solutions can help solve them.

Deal with Renewable Energy's Dirty Problem
Windmills and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are popping up—and popping the protection systems–on grids all around the world, frustrating owners and perplexing power companies. The installations are by the book, the SCADA systems say everything's running smoothly. So why won't the renewable energy sources stay online?

Not Just Motor Efficiency: Look at the Whole System
Ever-increasing electricity costs are a universal problem. As plants look for ways to mitigate those costs, energy efficiency is the simplest, least-expensive way to go. And yet nearly a quarter of the facilities (24%) have not addressed energy in any way, according to John Malinowski senior product manager, ac motors, for Baldor Electric.

Process Safety and Sustainability are a Two-Way Street
Everyone is waking up to the fact that process safety and mechanical integrity are costs that can pay back big dividends in decreased downtime and improved efficiency in many applications. But what's less well-known is that investing in safety can also contribute to operational and process sustainability.

Innovations Continue to Flow from ABB Measurement Labs
While ABB's Measurement Products business is built on more than 120 years of experience and great brands like Taylor, Fischer & Porter, Hartmann+Braun and K-Tek, the company has not rested on its laurels. Rather, it continues to invest heavily in new instrumentation technologies. 

Managers Innovate to Keep Large Projects on Time, Budget
When managing a large, complex project, it's all about the pre-planning. It's also all about managing the schedule. And it's about being flexible when your schedule gets derailed. And teamwork. And communication. OK, let's face it: To manage large, complex projects, you have to be ready for just about anything.