ABB in Railway History @ABB #pauto #trains #history #industrial_archaeology

This is a little off topic for a process automation focused blog, but yanno, I never promised to be consistent. I was reading the ABB house organ this morning...that's the magazine (with excellent production values, by the way) that they send to all their employees and to other selected recipients (like me).

In it there was a fantastic article about electric railways and the history that ABB has, right from the start, in that technology. Charles Brown (the first "B" in ABB) was a pioneer in electric railway systems.

It is a cool article, with some great archive photographs, and would make a diverting read on this blistering hot day (here in Saint Louis, we are expected to reach at least 96 degrees F-- for you benighted SI users, that's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk) with about 89 percent condensing relative humidity.

Happy reading!