AFCON SCADA certified for Windows 7 -- can run from flash disks!

From the press release from AFCON Software and Electronics:

Pulse is a SCADA/HMI application generator software that enables application engineers to work with
an unified environment regardless of the project deployment nature. It fits stand-alone stations,
networked applications, Web architecture and terminal service deployments, and is also ready to run
as client from flash disks. The Integrated Development Environment supports the transportability of
application over any .Net compatible platform such as Windows XP/Vista and Server 2003/2008
operating systems. Pulse is one of the first SCADA tools on the market to be fully validated on
Windows 7.

Pulse Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is based on Microsoft's WCF technology, allowing remote
distributed concurrent engineering. Pulse relies on the Microsoft ClickOnce solution to enable remote
client workstations to automatically update with new product versions and application definitions.
Taking the advantages of .NET technology, Pulse is integrated with a new Look and Feel and various
functionalities that help application engineers to reduce design time and lower Total Cost of
Ownership. With Pulse new features users can easily develop professional visualization screens using
global smart graphic objects, layers, themes and styles.

Pulse leverages .Net technology capabilities by granting advanced users the option to extend the
collection of product functionalities with software components they develop themselves.
Components such as activities, engineering unit conversions, .Net controls and more can be added to
the product tools galleries and be reused in the application.

To simplify connectivity from the plant floor to corporate business systems Pulse supports Microsoft
SQL Server 2005 and OLEDB compatible databases.

Pulse operators and managers benefit from the new integrated Smart Information Panel tool that
provides on out of the box real time, historical and alarm information of any application tag, ready for further data analysis.