At last-- a major university begins to offer automation education #PAuto #PAutoUP

Here's a very important and gratifying announcement from the University of Kansas by way of ISA:

The University of Kansas Continuing Education announces an online certificate program in Process Instrumentation and Control (I&C). In three modules, the course covers the different phases of I&C from a non-mathematical and practical point of view. It includes basic concepts, engineering, and installation of control equipment.

Upon successful completion of the three program modules, the certificate awarded to you by the University of Kansas will document your specialized education and knowledge in Process Instrumentation and Control. This documentation will serve as evidence of your qualifications and competence in I&C to current or potential employers.

Uniquely Designed for the Practical Learner

This certificate program is for those who want to learn about the I&C field in a condensed time frame and from a practical point of view. This course is also ideal for those who simply want to communicate technically with I&C personnel. The certificate program is designed to provide you with sufficient knowledge to move into the field of I&C, and it is applicable to technical and supervisory personnel. Please note that it is presumed that participants come from a setting where they can apply the knowledge received.

Advantages for Choosing an Online Course

Minimum time away from the workplace

No travel and related expenses

Flexible study time and work pace

Convenient e-mail access to the instructor

Course Presented in Three Modules

Module 1: 7 sessions, 8 October - 19 November 2009

Module 2: 5 sessions, 21 January - 18 February 2010

Module 3: 5 sessions, 6 May - 3 June 2010

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