Book of Very Critical Importance- Read it! #pauto #control

Terry Blevins, a member of the Process Automation Hall of Fame, and Mark Nixon, an eminent scientist working for Emerson Process Management, have codified and expanded the "Intro to Control Loops and Batch and Continuous Process" class given to new Emerson engineers into a real fundamental book, Control Loop Foundation-Batch and Continuous Processes published by ISA Press and available from ISA and

This is a fantastic, and extremely well written introduction to the way process control works, designed for people who have little or no experience with it. It is very accessible for people like plant managers, IT personnel, and others who need to know how a process plant works, but have nowhere to go to find out.

Here's a short communication I received this morning from Terry Blevins:


Hope all is going well.  Last week Mark Nixon and I completed work on the web site that accompanies our book Control Loop Foundation.  This morning I did a blog post on the web site in which I explain how the web site can be  used to perform the exercises for the 19 workshops and application examples contained in the book.  Hope you and Control magazine subscribers enjoy the book and interactive exercises supported by the web site.