Bruce Temkin's Six Laws of Customer Experience

I got a white paper today, called The Six Laws of Customer Experience, by Bruce Temkin. Temkin is a VP at Forrester Research specializing on the customer experience. He's ex-GE and is a blogger at Customer Experience Matters.

Here are his six laws. Break them at your peril. If you're an end user or an integrator or machine builder and you buy stuff from the automation suppliers, you'll resonate with these. If you're a vendor and you still believe that you can control how your customers see you, read 'em and weep.

The Six Laws of Customer Experience
1) Every interaction creates a personal reaction.
2) People are instinctively self-centered.
3) Customer familiarity breeds alignment.
4) Unengaged employees don't create engaged customers.
5) Employees do what is measured, incented, and celebrated.
6) You can't fake it.

Temkin is right on the money.