Dad's Outta Town!

Walt says he's turned over the keys to the blogging machine to me. Silly man. Only one day, and I've already muffed it. Didn't post anything yesterday. That's like Dad leaving you the keys to the car, and you leave it sitting in the garage.

But I've been busy. Magazines don't print themselves, alas, and despite all the fun and games of Web 2.0 (that's blogging and Facebooking and Flickr-ing and Twittering and all that other stuff), somebody's got to do the grunt work of getting articles ready for the printer. And even then, we mess  up. Thanks to one of our careful readers, we've corrected the error in the charts found in the 2009 salary survey story. No more duplicate charts.

Meanwhile, the world of process manufacturing goes on. Safety remains a big issue for a lot of us and Mike Boudreaux over at Emerson is doing yeoman service in covering it. In an interview over at, he 'splains all about safety instrumented systems. 

Mike is also responsible for this tidbit of either good news, or wishful thinking, depending on your view of the economy. I'm hoping the American Chemistry Council is right and we have hit bottom. Of course, that doesn't mean it's not going to be a long, unpleasant slog back up the other side.  This report  from the Conference Board seems to indicate some of the same thing.

Security, safety's first cousin, is also on the mind of a lot of folks. Those at Rockwell Automation have pulled together a white paper to help you wrap your head around plant security. Not exactly night-table reading, but some good info there.

Enough for now. Obviously the battery in the blogging machine is not dead. We'll take it out again tomorrow. Just remind me to refill the gas tank before Walt gets back.

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  • <p> Way to go Nancy! Get this blog out on the open road and see what it can do. I know Walt likes NASCAR, so I'm sure he'd appreciate it. ;) </p> <p> Thanks also for including a link to Mike's SIS primer interview. </p> <p> Take it easy, </p> <p> Jim </p> <p> <a href=""></a> </p>


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