Dueling open letters...

 I knew that Dieter Schaudel's message would be controversial. I didn't think the messenger would get shot as bad as I've been over this weekend.

He pricked our American amour propre, yes. And Jim Pinto's point below is well taken. But Dieter's point should be considered as well-- and not dismissed out of hand. Fact is, lots of those folks out there in "global land" feel similarly and that needs to be considered.

As I told ISA Past President Steve Huffman at breakfast this morning, it is the message, not the actions that need to change. There needs to be a lot more "working with" coming out of ISA, and less "leading the charge" and profess the humility and learning attitude that I know exists in the ISA leadership.

Here's what Jim Pinto has to say:

 Open letter
27 October, 2008

To :
Ms. Kim Miller-Dunn
ISA President

Dear Kim :

This is my response to Herr Dieter Schaudel's recent open-letter
about the ISA name change. I have been an ISA member for over 40
years and was honored as a Fellow in 1992.

In my opinion, Herr Schaudel's response simply reflects xenophobic
paranoia about America's "international claim for power".
The U.S. has had the misfortune of bad leadership which led the
country into wars which were mistakes. Somehow, Herr Schaudel
links that to ISA's name change. The connection is narrow-minded

In October 2008, ISA delegates voted overwhelmingly to change the
name to International Society for Automation. This signifies that
ISA is now focused on the broader aspects of "automation" and aims
to be a catalyst for creation and promotion of the Automation
Profession of the future, marketing the society's core competencies
around the world. This is sorely needed. No other organization
anywhere serve the global automation business.

ISA is a volunteer-driven organization. The new ISA expects and
intends to expand membership to become truly "international".

From my standpoint, Herr Schaudel's resignation should be
accepted happily .

Jim Pinto