Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly 2010 - links to papers #pauto

Last week, as I posted then, I attended the 2010 version of the Fieldbus Foundation General Assembly in Houston, Tex. Walt Boyes at FF General Assembly 2010

Unfortunately, the Fieldbus Foundation was not willing to give me permission to post the presentations on's White Paper Library. So I am sorry not to be able to provide you the information here that I think you deserve.

There were excellent papers presented by Control's own John Rezabek, and by the recently retired Systems Architect from Shell Global Solutions, Herman Storey, as well as the exceptional keynote address by B. R. Mehta, senior vice president of Reliance Industries, which has quietly become not only the largest integrated petrochemical company in India, but has also created both the world's largest petrochemical complex (at Jamnagar) and the world's largest Foundation fieldbus project (also at Jamnagar). Mehta and some of his colleagues wrote about that project for our February 2010 issue. You can read the article here. Compared to some of our petrochemical complexes, Jamnagar's facilities are truly 21st century state-of-the-art. As B. R. said, "We go all the way from crude to textiles in Jamnagar."

Bill Tatum of the Fieldbus Foundation provided me a link to the PDFs of some of the papers presented at the General Assembly. It is on the Fieldbus Foundation's website. Feel free to follow it and download them.