First Honeywell News of the Day

The 2010 Honeywell Users Group in Phoenix is just about cranking up as we speak, but the PR folks have been up very early. This is the first bit of news that popped up in my mailbox this morning. May not be the biggest piece of news (even though it's about a big pipeline), but it is the first. Here ya go:

West-to-East II Pipeline Will Use Experion PKS and Safety Manager to Help China Transition from Coal to Natural Gas
BEIJING, June 14, 2010 – Honeywell  has been selected to provide the control and safety systems for the world's longest gas pipeline. The 8,704-kilometer West-to-East II pipeline is the second of two massive pipelines to be constructed to transport fuel from energy-rich western China to the country's eastern regions. PetroChina, China's top oil producer and operator of the pipeline, selected Honeywell's ExperionProcess Knowledge System (PKS) and Safety Manager solutions to manage the pipeline operation and help guard against hazardous incidents.

The new pipeline crosses 14 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and will transport approximately 30-billion cubic yards of natural gas per year. It will play a critical role as the country, the second-largest energy consumer in the world behind the United States, transitions from coal fuel-based energy to natural gas. Each year the gas transported by the pipeline is expected to replace 76.8 million tons of coal, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 1.44 million tons and carbon dioxide by 130 million tons.

PetroChina will use Experion as the main integration and control software platform at the pipeline's 73 control stations. Specifically, Experion will integrate alarm and event subsystems to give pipeline operators a complete view of how the pipeline is functioning. By integrating Safety Manager into the overall system, Experion will help improve process-safeguarding practices such as emergency shutdowns, equipment protection, fire and gas monitoring and critical control.

"Pipelines present unique challenges because their size makes them more difficult for operators to monitor and respond to problems, but an integrated approach provides unparalleled visibility into their operations," said Samuel Wu, regional general manager, Honeywell Process Solutions Greater China. "The system we're putting in place for PetroChina will increase its operators' access to information and help them make better-informed decisions to promote its integrity."