Flashing = Bad

Flashing = Bad is true on so many levels, but being a family blog, the one we're talking about here is arc flash. Not something you want to have happen or be around when it does. Not only can an arc flash ruin your whole day and, perhaps, part of your plant, but it can get you in big trouble with OSHA, not to mention hurting people. 

Now Maverick Technologies is offering a program to help prevent arc flash.

Here's part of the press release announcing it.

"According to David Paul, P.E., Senior Consultant, at Maverick Technologies,
the need for arc flash studies is becoming a hot topic at manufacturing
plants, within OSHA and the overall safety industry. Due to the inherent
nature of power distribution, no manufacturing plant is entirely immune
from arc flash hazards. And while new awareness about arc flash is cited
as one of the reasons for the increase in its occurrence, Paul said there
are many more contributing factors.

'Over time, system upgrades and operational changes affect a plant's
electrical power distribution,' explains Paul. 'Plants that fall behind in
maintaining these systems become even more vulnerable to arc flash hazard.
This situation has been further complicated by the current economic
situation as resources for additional plant maintenance shrink or become

Difficult as the decision may be to make funds available to assess its arc
flash risk, it must be a top priority for manufacturing plants. In addition
to avoiding costly OHSA citations, unexpected downtime and the potential
for extensive facility damage, there is the human element that is
impossible to overlook. At their core, manufacturing plant owners and their
managers want to provide a safe environment for their employees. Taking all
current variables into account, it is the human consideration that truly
escalates the importance of an arc flash prevention program."

Just one more thing to think about during your busy manufacturing day.