For Your Viewing Pleasure

Laura Patrick over at ABB sent the following email this morning:

ABB's project with eSolar to be showcased tonight on National Geographic Channel

ABB is being featured on television as part of a National Geographic documentary on "World'sToughest Fixes"

ABB, which recently announced its first solar thermal power project in North America with eSolar, is featured in a National Geographic Channel documentary to be aired on television tonight, July 9, 2009 at 9 pm EDT.

ABB announced in May that it secured its first Solar Thermal Power Project in North America with eSolar, producer of scalable solar thermal power plants, based in Pasadena, Calif.  The delivery includes System 800xA for power plant control.

ABB's Bill Cassity, site engineer and Joe Beatrice, project manager, were interviewed by the host of the show, Sean Riley. Bill and Joe discussed the differences between traditional coal fired power plants and the eSolar design. They also discussed the function of the 800xA system.

National Geographic television has been to the eSolar Sierra site in California on several occasions filming a documentary entitled "World's Toughest Fixes." In addition to filming the arrival of the thermal receiver (boiler) and its placement on top of the tower, they also spent time filming in the control room, focusing on the function of the control system and the individuals and teams that have worked on the project.

ABB has provided eSolar equipment and engineering services in the development of the Sierra commercial demonstration facility. The Sierra project is a solar thermal power plant design consisting of two solar light receivers, with each receiver being supported by a field of 12,000 heliostat reflectors. The reflected light from each heliostat is captured at the receiver and used to convert water to steam.

The show is currently scheduled to air on Thursday, July 9 at 9pm EDT.