Friday Afternoon Out of Control: Do You Know Who's Touching Your Valves?

I know you're all good and responsible employees and would never spend time at work surfing the Innerwebs, so in the interest of public service, I try to help out. (Hey, that's my story, and I'm stickin' with it.)

In case you got into work this morning before this hit the air waves, seems like the folks at the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium are having valve issues -- specifically with the resident two-spotted octopus, who used nobody-knows-how-many of its arms to disassemble the recycling system valve at the top of the tank and spray water all over everywhere. Fortunately, it didn't empty enough of the water to harm itself, but it made a big mess all over the aquarium, and messed up the eco-friendly linseed-and-cork tiles on the floors of the aquarium offices. 

Ya know. Ya try to help these creatures out by leaving a smaller footprint, and this is the thanks you get.

Meanwhile, this episode has given me a whole new aspect of the security issue we're exploring for our April issue. Along with everything else, do we have to protect our systems from octopuses? Now that's scary.