Happy Umpteenth Birthday, Eoin! #readout #pauto #automation #ISA

Eoin O Riain

Eoin O Riain celebrates his mumbleteenth birthday!

Eoin O Riain, the editor and publisher of Readout, the Irish magazine of instrumentation, controls and automation, is celebrating a birthday. I've known Eoin for many years. In fact, to illustrate how small and insular this profession of automation can be, my father knew his father way back when, because they represented the same vendor company.

Eoin has for many years donated a considerable amount of time and valuta to ISA, the International Society of Automation. He was one of my successors as Vice President of Publications, trying very hard to make ISA the place to come for training and information in the field of automation.

Eoin is a voice for good in the automation industry, and while I hope you all will read Soundoff first, I encourage you to read his commentary on http://read-out.net and on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.