How the Process Automation Hall of Fame selection works #pauto #control

It occurs to me that I ought to give y'all some detail on how the Process Automation Hall of Fame works.

It was established by my predecessor, Paul Studebaker, in 2001 and three to five process automation luminaries are inducted annually, and profiled in the February issue of Control and on The award is presented at the WBF North American Conference, which this year will be at the University of Delaware the end of May.

Nominations are received from many sources, and a nominations list is presented to the previous inductees. They are asked to vote for up to five nominees. Once this selection is made, a final ballot is presented, and each past inductee votes for up to three nominees. The votes are tallied by me, and the result presented to the industry. I don't get a vote. This is truly an election by their peers.

So I want, again to congratulate the Class of 2011: John Berra, Sigurd Skogestad and Maurice Wilkins.

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